Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 3-13-16

I’ll start again today with a scenic photo. This is one of the flower beds on the bluff, across the street from 204 N. Bayview. The spring weather is bringing a lot of people out—walkers, runners, and bikers, as usual, of course, but I also saw a number of people at Knoll Park “hiding” plastic Easter eggs for what I assumed to be an Easter-themed birthday party later today. And when I returned home, the swing that is just out of the frame to the right of this photo was the scene for a new mother and her baby being photographed (the bluff is a popular spot for photography).

252 N. Bayview Street

Since we have had nearly five inches of rain in the past couple of days, it wasn’t surprising to see the house covered with blue tarp, a prudent move, though it obviously didn’t keep out all the rain, much less other intruders.

Since last week, all the glass has been removed from the front porch, along with the front door. Remaining in place throughout, however, are newish-looking metal-frame windows, probably recently installed.

This shot shows the back room, exempt from remodeling, that is currently storing cabinetry that presumably will be reused.

This shot shows the path of the staircase to the second floor. It is behind the front porch and front room, with a couple of rooms behind.

Because new walls have been studded in the back, it’s hard to tell what the original floor plan was, but the untouched back room includes a full bath, and there are two more (small) full baths on either side of the house behind where the stairway is. Where the stairway isn’t is above what, when I opened a mysterious door, was revealed to be a stairway to the basement. It was pitch-black, so I did not investigate—will try to remember to take a flashlight next week. But my overall impression of the core of the house was that, even with the additional back room, the original house didn’t look large enough to need three full baths!

351 N. Summit Street

As predicted, the porch roofs are copper. Today one had been installed, and the other was in the process of being installed.

Inside, work on the walls had progressed. Metal corner bead has been applied to the outside corners (as here in the bonus room)…

…and seams have been taped and covered with joint compound. This is the master bedroom. Don’t ask me why the strip of joint tape has been suspended this way.

160 Fels Avenue

Since last week the house has been wrapped in Tyvek, and some things are becoming clearer. For example, we can now see that the gigantic picture windows in several of the bedrooms are actually to be multiple windows, as shown here in the east front bedroom and west back bedroom.

And the rectangular bay seen here from the outside…

…is actually divided between two rooms inside. On the left (west) is the northwest bedroom; to the right is the bathroom for the northeast bedroom.

Downstairs, HVAC work has begun.

Previously unremarked is this landing added at the bottom of the staircase.

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