Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 3-20-16

A massive report today, with new developments all over the map.

252 N. Bayview Street

Progress on this renovation has been astounding. This week saw completion of the framing of the second floor. As can be seen in these photos, there are two gables, one at the front of the second story proper, the other above the second-floor porch. The wind was 16 mph when I was taking these photos, accounting for the billowing of the tarp. (I hastened into the relative shelter of the inside.)

The staircase is in, too, providing access to the upper floor.

Its floor plan is as puzzling as that of the first floor. There are two large rooms at the front of the house, both opening onto the porch.

At the back is a warren of small spaces, all of them accessible only by going through the front two rooms. This one on the north side (beyond the studs in the photo) has doorways at both ends.

This view from the front (west) doorway suggests that the porch may be wrapped around the north side of the house, in which case this door will open onto it. The doorway at the rear may provide access (or emergency exit) via an outside stair. Time will tell.

Downstairs, I’m still puzzled by the semi-preservation of the twin full baths, one on each side of the house. Although they have been gutted, there has been no apparent attempt to protect them from the effects of the demolition elsewhere.

351 N. Summit Street

This was the view that greeted me coming off the street. Your guess is as good as mine; there was no indication that work (beyond the two tubs already in place) on any of the bathrooms was in progress.

Inside, work on the drywall continues but is subtle and mostly unremarkable. Outside, however, the door openings have been covered more securely (the plastic has been buffeted and damaged by wind for months).

In addition, sometime when I wasn’t paying attention, this extension of the patio has been poured.

120 Kiefer Avenue

Although the portolet remains (suggesting that further work is planned)…

…the dumpster has been removed, permitting closer inspection of the guest cottage.

This trench indicates that plumbing work has been done.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Masonry work continues. This long telephoto shot shows the barbecue pit being constructed at the northeast corner of the back yard.

The stacks of materials indicate that significant further work on the parking area is planned.

Twin urns grace the sides of the garage.

Outdoor dining is now possible. I can relate to that: when we moved, with children aged 3 and 6, to a house with no eating area except a carpeted dining room, we took every opportunity to eat out on our concrete-floored screened porch, where spills were not an issue!

160 Fels Avenue

Approaching from the front, I thought that installation of windows was the big news this week, and indeed they do make a dramatic difference.

But the big surprise, in fact, was the “overnight” construction of this structure on the pad in the back yard. Clearly too small for even a single garage, it is probably planned as a storage shed or workshop (or both) with either double doors or a roll-up door.

On the back porch, doors stand ready to fill the opening at left.

This will probably be the front door.

Another outside door is inside. To the left is the powder room under the stairs (to its left is a closet under the stairs).

A railing has been added to the stair landing.

This is a view from the large landing area at the top of the stairs toward the back of the house. The windows overlook the back yard and porch roof. To the left is the entrance from the stairs. Behind the photographer are the two large front bedrooms. The opening on the right leads to two more bedrooms, one at the back (southwest corner) and one in the recessed area in front (northwest corner). Those two rooms share a Jack-and-Jill bath and also a walk-in (or “walk-through”) closet. The two front bedrooms have separate baths and closets.

This is the northeast bedroom with windows installed.

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