Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-10-16

A motley assortment of photos today.

252 N. Bayview Street

After a spell of glorious sunny weather, the tarp has been removed, along with even more of the original front of the house.

It appears that the formerly enclosed (bricked and glassed-in) front porch will be restored as an open porch.

351 N. Summit Street

Pallets of bricks promise further masonry work.

These openings in the brick corners (see photos in last week’s post) suggest that a fence of horizontal railings may be planned, but the distance between the corners is too long for a single railing, and there is no indication of provision for fence posts in the middle. More likely an iron fence will fill the space, attached in some way in these openings.

Unfortunately (though not surprisingly), the house is now securely locked up, so this shot through the back window of the great room, looking toward the foyer and dining room, is the best I could do. The alcove at right was a surprise—something I’d somehow never previously noticed.

This view along the back of the house shows the entrance to the brick-walled courtyard. (The window at right is the one through which I took the previous photo.)

111 Magnolia Avenue

The parking area has finally been cleared of building materials…

…and the result is this latticework brick wall. A similar (but much shorter) one extends from the other side of the garage to the brick wall/fence at the north lot line.

160 Fels Avenue

Although there were no obvious changes in appearance today, I suspect that the past week has been devoted to installation of HVAC ductwork. These two square openings will provide access to ductwork as needed. The attic is too shallow to be usable for storage, hence no pull-down stair.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

A couple of properties on my walking route have relatively new fences. This one is at 162 Fels Avenue, next door to the above building site.

This one at 113 Atkinson Lane looks almost as handsome on the reverse side as on the front.

Neighborhood Improvements?

Something mysterious is going on at 162 Fels Avenue. Just new siding?

A few weeks ago, several large shrubs on this property at 154 S. Summit Street were cut down to the ground and later dug up. Apparently one of the trees was removed as well.

The reason became evident last week: their removal made it possible to fill the yard up with concrete in the form of a (semi)circular driveway.

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