Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-17-16

Buckle up—it’s going to be a long ride today!

252 N. Bayview Street

I’ll start with a couple of “before” photos that were among several (including interiors) that I found on the builder’s Facebook page, as a contrast to the current appearance.

I’ll start by saying that I was obviously wrong about the front part of the house not being enclosed.

In fact, the original porch is being combined with most of the rest of the public rooms to create a Great Room (living room, dining area, and kitchen combined) downstairs.

This will be a little tricky since the porch was obviously added on, and the gap in the floor will have to be filled.

The room will have a fireplace.

It’s hard to tell what the new entrance will look like. Right now it’s just a big open space.

When I passed the house yesterday, this slab was being smoothed. Today it was dry.

Presumably it will be some sort of patio; in any case, this side door will open onto it.

At the back of the Great Room, to the left of the enclosure for the basement stairs, is a laundry room.

At the back of the downstairs, behind the laundry room on the left and staircase on the right, are two small bedrooms, each with a bathroom en suite. The toilet and lavatory removed from one of these are now in the Great Room.

Between these bedrooms, a corridor leads to the intact bedroom/bath addition at the rear of the house, now closed with a new door with a lock (and no knob).

Upstairs, windows have been installed, making the floor plan clearer. To the left at the top of the stairs (back of the house, southeast corner) is a large (for now, at least) windowless room. Perhaps it is just for storage.

To the right from the stairs (front of the house) is a sumptuous master suite. As I imagine it, the first room will be a sitting room, opening onto the upstairs porch.

Next to it is the master bedroom, also opening on the porch.

From the back of the bedroom, a passageway leads to a pocket door opening onto two vast walk-in closets.

To the left from this corridor is another short passageway leading to the master bath. On its left, behind a pocket door, is the separate toilet room.

In the main bathroom, there are connections for two lavatories (or perhaps a lavatory and tub), plus a separate shower enclosure.

308 N. Bayview

The yard here is looking fabulous, and a new sign has been added. Those who have followed this property from the beginning will recall that “Mayhem” was the name of the previous house on this property, on the bones of which this one was built.

(The editor in me protests that this should be “Myricks’ Mayhem.”)

351 N. Summit Street

I’m afraid it’s the end of the line for this property, now that it’s locked up—at least until something dramatic is done outside, or until the sliding doors front and side are added, permitting a better view of the interior. This is a disappointment, of course, because I’m sure the inside finishing will be very beautiful.

111 Magnolia Avenue

A couple of parting shots. This is a peek at the outdoor fireplace from the front (from Magnolia Avenue).

And this is the best I could manage of the wall at the lot line in back (north side). You’ll have to take my word for it that it is more brick lattice that fills in between the brick posts.

160 Fels Avenue

Noticeable progress on the outside this week. Both house and outbuilding have been shingled.

And siding has been added to parts of the second story. (Brick veneer will probably fill the space below.)

On the back porch, mystery timbers.

The only opening these doors seem likely to fit is in the outbuilding (shop, utility building, shed, whatever).

The frame for a pocket door has been installed at the entrance to the master suite.

Another pocket door will permit closing off the utility area leading to the side door.

To the left of the passageway shown in the photo above is an area I’m tentatively calling a pantry. To the right is this larger room that I’m guessing will be a small office.

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