Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-24-16

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post contains more than 21,000 words, so settle in!

252 N. Bayview Street

Once again, the façade of this house has been altered drastically. I don’t know what to think about the demolition shown below, but apparently it portends a change in entry—perhaps from the side, where the “patio” (?) is now covered?

Inside, nothing has changed, but the view from the master suite “sitting room” shows that a railing has been added to the porch.

The porch opening off the “bedroom” has a solid wall.

Today I noticed for this first time this additional closet outside the entrance to the two walk-in closets. Perhaps a walk-in linen closet?

In the master bath, I now see that there is space for a tub (not shown in last week’s photos) between one of lavatories on the left and the shower room on the right.

Coming down the stairs, I was struck by this view across the top of one of the first-floor bathrooms, which shows clearly that the ceiling height of the first floor has been raised.

Once noticed, this is also evident in the other rooms, such as the great room, shown here.

I have mentioned that there is a one-story addition at the back that is being left intact. Here it is seen from the outside.

Behind it are a carport and an outbuilding of some kind.

This is the view of the carport and outbuilding from the back alley.

This attractive iron gate opens to steps and a path to the right of the outbuilding.

351 N. Summit Street

Nothing to report.

160 Fels Avenue

The news is pretty much all on the outside this week. Siding has been added to the front and west side.

The outbuilding as also been clapboarded, and three windows have been added.

From the inside, however, there is no trace of the two side windows.

As predicted, the solid double doors were intended for the outbuilding.

The patio doors have also been installed.

This shot through the attic access hatch shows that power and light have been provided in this space even if it is not intended for storage but only for access to HVAC, wiring, etc.

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