Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-1-16

A mixed bag today.

252 N. Bayview Street

One of the railings (with mailbox) has been removed from the front steps.

The roof over the patio/entrance has been covered. There are some perplexingly complex rooflines here.

Inside, it is now apparent that pocket doors will be used extensively. The door on the north side opens into this small foyer, with a pocket door on the right opening to the great room and one on the left opening to the laundry room. The water connection suggests this might be a “mud room,” or perhaps the alcove will be a wet bar.

Here is the same area viewed from the great room.

This shows the entrance to the laundry room (and basement stairs) on the left and the entrance to the back of the house on the right.

Upstairs, the “sitting room” and “master bedroom” are connected by a pocket door.

This photo, along with the one above, shows that windows have been installed in the “sitting room.”

A few more photos of the mysterious outbuilding. I say “mysterious” because all the windows are firmly obscured by blinds, so I cannot get any idea of the interior, but outside there are two separate entry doors, suggesting two discrete spaces inside.

351 N. Summit Street

I did peek in the windows today but couldn’t see much. It’s impossible to get good photos in any case, but it appears that a portion of the walls in the dining room have been covered with what looks like wood paneling rather than wallboard.

In the utility room at the back of the garage, this elegant shelf has been constructed, though its purpose is unclear. I guess time will tell.

120 N. Summit Street

This door is not new but has not been shown here before (it had been partially covered with plywood).

Inside, the guesthouse is a single large room (smelling of fresh paint), with water and power connections for a kitchenette at the back, plus a tiny bathroom with a shower stall.

160 Fels Avenue

This trailer in the driveway suggests the next week’s activity.

It appears that the trailer will not be going anywhere else for a while anyway.

This stack of joint compound promises application of wallboard after the installation of insulation is complete.

Looking at the shape of the façade, I was having second thoughts about my assumption of brick veneer below the clapboard siding, thinking that perhaps stucco would be more appropriate for the mission-style design, but no…

Also Noted

I suspect that Fence World might wish that its advertising plate would fall off entirely rather than continue to plug its association with this dilapidated fence at a house on Morphy Avenue at Summit.

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