Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-8-16

Not much to report today, thanks to slow progress on one property and ongoing work on another.

252 N. Bayview Street

It was hard to see much change in the past week here. Soffit and fascia have been added at the front, and more of the second floor has been wrapped in Tyvek (shown here from both inside and out).

160 Fels Avenue

When I passed the house yesterday, brick masons were hard at work. Today work on the outside was suspended, but workers were busy inside. I made a circuit of the exterior and then brazened my way inside for a couple of quick shots downstairs but was unable to inspect the entire house.

An attractive front door has been added.

The photos below show that brick veneer has been completed on the back of the house and most of the west side but it still under way on the east side.

Inside, most of the blown foam insulation (a much neater job than at 351 N. Summit) has already been covered by wallboard, and a worker was at work taping the seams.

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