Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-15-16

I took a lot of photos today, but mostly for reference, so I won’t be including many of them here.

252 N. Bayview Street

Shingles have been staged for application during the coming week.

Inside, added to the discarded plumbing fixtures, a section of cast-iron pipe. No telling where it came from or what its ultimate destiny is.

I was excited to find house plans today. They reveal, among other things, that the upstairs room that I’ve been calling a “sitting room” (it is the anteroom to the master bedroom) is actually a “den,” and the “patio” beside the house on the south side (leading to the side entrance) is a “breezeway.” They also indicate that the rear portion of the “great room” will be the kitchen; the front is divided between “living room” (the fireplace end) and “dining room” (the south end, near the entrance). From the plans it appears that there will be at least a partial partition separating the kitchen and the LR/DR. And of course the kitchen will have the de rigueur island in the center. Of the two upstairs porches, the one opening from the master bedroom will be screened. Oh, and the windowless room upstairs is in fact an “attic.” There will be ceiling fans everywhere, including the porches and even the master bath. It appears the existing front steps will be retained, along with the brick “planter” (brick-bordered flowerbed) in front of the house.

The plans were draped over this mysterious object.

From the other end, it is revealed to be a corner cabinet with carousel shelves. Why it has been introduced so far in advance of any other cabinetry is yet another mystery.

Looking at the framing here, I am trying to decide whether it is intended to enlarge this bathroom on the north side (adjacent to the northeast downstairs bedroom).

This shot in the southeast downstairs bedroom shows the ensuite bathroom (left) and trapezoidal closet (right). In the center (outlined in red) is a closet accessed from the corridor on the other side. There is an identical closet directly above it upstairs. Although the wiring plans show them as separate closets, both with surface-mounted fluorescent fixtures, it seems likely that this space is being reserved for possible installation of an elevator sometime in the future (since the master suite is not on the ground floor).

351 N. Summit Street

Landscaping—in the most literal sense (grading)—has begun, with the surface of the courtyard filled flush with the level of the patio.

This trench, with concrete footing, seems to promise another wall at the front of the courtyard.

Three more pallets of bricks have been delivered, probably to be used in said wall, but I also suspect that the front walk and patio will be paved, though possibly not with bricks.

In the utility room, a better view of this shelf/platform shows an intriguing variety of ductwork above.

160 Fels Avenue

Inside, drywall installation is mostly completed, making it easier to visualize the layout of the rooms. For example, this is the northeast front bedroom.

Outside, we have to commend the work ethic of the brick masons from Robertsdale’s Diamond Masonry, who were working today to complete the brick veneer.

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