Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-22-16

I’ll start with this photo of a bush in a neighbor’s yard just because it’s pretty. (Does anyone know what it is?)

Certainly a nicer sight than this heap of debris from a cedar tree down the street that must have met its fate (perhaps struck by lightning) during the thunderstorm that cut our power for a couple of the small hours of Friday morning.

252 N. Bayview Street

Not a lot of noticeable progress this week, with work apparently concentrated on HVAC installation. Here we see ductwork above the ceiling and the HVAC unit in the “attic” room.

The basement stairs present an odd appearance, with surrounding walls dismantled but the door and ceiling (with original light fixture) still in place.

This confirms my suspicion about the expansion of the downstairs bath on the north side (at the foot of the stairs).

This plumbing (in the wall between the northeast bedroom and the bath shown above) is probably not new, but it presents an interesting contrast with the old, existing pipes.

351 N. Summit Street

The crew from Diamond Masonry, having completed its work at 160 Fels, was here yesterday working on this lattice brick wall, not quite completed though it had made substantial inroads on the pallets of bricks seen last week.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Gates have been added in the walls on either side of the garage.

160 Fels Avenue

As noted, brick installation is now complete.

Inside, this week’s work has included hanging doors and installing trim (baseboards, cove molding, door frames). These two doors lead to the powder room (right) and a closet under the stairs.

The closet under the stairs not only has a window but also provides access to further storage under the lower portion of the staircase.

This is the master bedroom, showing the door opening from the center of the house (right) and the door leading to the master bath.

These cased openings (apparently not to have doors) lead from the sitting area at the top of the stairs to the bedrooms on the west side of the house. The opening on the right between them is to the upstairs laundry room.

This is the southwest bedroom, overlooking the back yard.

Although drywall has been installed throughout most of the house, for some reason the ceiling in the kitchen area (as well as the wall next to the lower part of the stairway) remains uncovered.

Here’s a view from inside the front door. The small foyer has a window on the left (west side) and a coat closet on the right.

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