Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-29-16

Quite a lot going on this week.

252 N. Bayview Street

Although it’s difficult to tell from the street, it appears that the roofing is essentially complete.

The Tyvek wrap in front of the master bedroom has been pierced but not yet pinned back for window installation.

Inside, this week has been devoted to wiring, seen here in the wall between the attic (foreground) and walk-in closets.

A written notation and a water line (for the icemaker) indicate the location of the refrigerator against the back wall of the kitchen.

Installation of the HVAC system has also continued with this unit downstairs. As can be seen, it takes up about half the interior of what was previously identified as a walk-in closet in the southeast bedroom. The front panel of the upstairs unit identifies it as American Standard Model No. TEM4A0B24S21SAA. From the American Standard website and a brochure about this model, we learn that it is an “air handler” capable of serving an area of 24,000 square feet, and that it is an economy model, the “Silver” line as compared to Gold and Platinum. A handwritten notation on the panel identifies it as “10 KW” and “2 Ton,” with the date 5/18/16.

351 N. Summit Street

Work on the latticework brick wall has progressed.

Although the pile of sand outside the courtyard is almost exhausted, a mountain of sand in front of the house implies more masonry to come.

120 Kiefer Avenue

The boards on concrete blocks (first photo, taken March 19) have been removed from the perimeter of the guest cottage, leaving only the makeshift wooden stoop. Trenches in the yard have been closed and the area smoothed over (previous plantings a casualty); the lumber is probably intended for the new fence (see below).

A lockset (locked) has been added to the door, but a blind shot taken through the window (above my head) shows that the kitchen area has been furnished with a sink, range, and fridge, and shelves have been built in the bathroom, which has a sliding “barn door.”

Behind the house there is an outdoor shower in addition to the hydrant.

This new fence will perhaps be completed with lattice similar to the one it replaces (bottom photo, taken February 14).

160 Fels Avenue

Outside, a small porch overhang has been added above the front door.

Test swatches indicate that some shade of grey is contemplated.

Inside, door and window framing continues. Photos below show the window in the back of the sitting area at the top of the stairs and the southwest bedroom overlooking the back yard.

The reason for the previously bare ceiling in the kitchen is now evident: it will be beadboard instead of drywall.

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