Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 6-5-16

Not a lot to report this week, and the news is more discouraging than exciting, I’m afraid.

252 N. Bayview Street

Although there was evidence of some activity (supplies delivered), I couldn’t detect any significant changes.

351 N. Summit Street

Absolutely no progress here, I think. Comparing this week’s brick wall photos to last week’s seems to show no change at all (just some new angles).

Somewhere in this vicinity there will surely be some sort of gate or opening, I think.

This brick border along the back property line may not be new this week, but I hadn’t previously discovered it.

Little is left of the three pallets of bricks in front, but the mountain of sand is still untouched.

120 Kiefer Avenue

Okay, so I was wrong about the fence (not lattice).

I’m guessing this fence will also be replaced or at least refurbished.

Thanks to the addition of a second (temporary, I hope) step, I was able to take a photo through the glass in the door, providing a better angle on the interior.

160 Fels Avenue

Since the house was securely locked up this week, we may be coming to the end of the road on this one, but the biggest change was outside, anyway. As can be seen, this week’s activity was painting, which really stunned me. It always seems to me self-defeating to paint brick (setting yourself up for having to repaint it periodically) unless the brick is really ugly, which this brick definitely wasn’t.

In the back, the siding has been painted grey. It would have looked great with the natural brick.

Screen framing has been added to the back porch.

The outbuilding has also been painted.

162 Fels Avenue

There’s activity next door as well. This house had previously been completely renovated, so I was surprised to see the architect and builder signs go back up. After I saw the activity in the back yard, I took a harder look at the architect’s drawing and realized that a rear addition is being built.

108 Cliff Drive

Like the houses on Fels Avenue, this doesn’t qualify as “Bluff Neighborhood”—and it’s not even “construction”—but I’ve been both puzzled and amused by the portable landscaping in this yard. Will the plants eventually be removed from their pots and planted in the ground?

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