Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 6-19-16

Really scraping the bottom of the barrel today—almost nothing to report.

252 N. Bayview Street

The only change I could see inside was that the tub in the master bath had been filled with water. My husband suggested this might be to test the strength of the floor. Whether it was that or to test the drain stopper, the tub seems to have passed the test.

Outside, a couple more boards have been added to span the gap where the front porch collapsed.

351 N. Summit Street

I forgot to mention last week that progress (if any) in the interior is even more unknowable than before because all the windows have been covered inside with what looked like black plastic garbage bags. This week some of the windows were open slightly, so the covering material could be examined more closely and appeared to be some kind of tarp (plasticized woven material). Outside, I couldn’t see any change, though closer inspection of the retaining wall on the west side shows further footings suggesting that the brick facing will be extended to the corner.

160 Fels Avenue

Okay, so I was wrong. The brick has in fact received another coat of paint, but it is still white. When I passed yesterday, workers on a rented articulating boom lift were doing something with masking (I thought perhaps removing it, but today’s photos show it still in place, so perhaps they were just adjusting it).

Today someone was working upstairs, and all the doors were open, so I was able to sneak in and grab a few shots. This zoom shot through the open front door shows that the space beside the staircase has been covered with what I took (at that distance) to be clapboards; closer inspection reveals it to be beadboard, as used on the ceiling.

Beadboard is also used on the other side of the cased opening between the kitchen and the living area, as shown in this shot I took primarily to show the doors waiting to be hung.

This long shot taken from the back entrance (from the porch) shows the kitchen in the background and living area in the foreground. My first impression was that the door leaning against the opening from the foyer was slated to be installed there (that is, that there would be a door from the foyer into the house), but on closer examination I’m not sure. I wish I had spent a bit more time looking more closely at everything, but I could hear someone walking around upstairs, which made me nervous, since I had no legitimate business inside.

I did sneak into the master suite (downstairs). Since all the windows were still covered with brown paper, the bathroom was enveloped in Stygian darkness, but when my eyes adjusted enough to tell that the shower stall had been tiled, I used the flash to shoot blindly in the right direction and capture this photo. Looking at the left edge, it appears that there may be tile elsewhere as well, but it was too dark to see.

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