Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 6-26-16

This week there is plenty to report—at least lots of photos (I took 61, but I won’t be including all of them!).

252 N. Bayview Street

I’m sure something must have been done this past week, but the only evidence I could see of this activity was this drainpipe in the kitchen, which indicates there will be a sink in the “island.”

308 N. Bayview Street

A couple of shots from the alley behind the house to show the finished landscaping in the back.

351 N. Summit Street

This long shot shows the retaining wall at the back of the property (north side), some of it still not faced with brick.

As can be seen from the photo above, the purpose of the concrete slab is now evident. I figured it wouldn’t be for an air conditioning compressor since the house is using geothtermal heating/cooling; in fact, it turns out to be an Eaton backup generator, a practical necessity in hurricane country.

In the utility room at the back of the garage, the geothermal system has been further hooked up and appeared to be in operation.

Additional pallets of bricks have been delivered.

120 Kiefer Avenue

Construction of more permanent steps has begun, permitting an easier view into the interior.

Although I cleaned the outside of the window as best I could, it was dirty on the inside as well, so this is not a great photo, but it does show that a couch has been added—probably a sofa bed.

160 Fels Avenue

I really hit the jackpot here, finding the back door unlocked, so I had free access to the interior. Here’s a shot of the façade now that the masking has been removed.

Pallets of bricks and concrete blocks have been delivered, their purpose as yet unknown, but both front and side entrances require steps.

Outside, the AC compressor has been installed and hooked up, so it was a pleasant 72° inside (very welcome since the heat index outside was 93°).

No sign of a generator here (yet), but the house is well designed for survival without AC, with high ceilings and good cross-ventilation in every room. I especially love this back (southwest) bedroom, with its expansive views of both the back yard and the next-door neighbor’s back yard.

A window seat now fills the bay in the northwest front bedroom, giving a view of the street.

The side windows overlook the neighbor’s front yard.

The northeast front bedroom overlooks the street and the neighbors at 162, a good vantage point for watching construction there.

This is the view over the roof toward the northwest front bedroom from the other northwest bedroom, which is slightly recessed.

Tiling has begun in all three upstairs bathroom, using the same tile seen in the master bath.

This linen closet is next to the upstairs laundry room, in the corridor leading to the two “back” bedrooms (one of which faces the front).

Downstairs, the temporary railing has been removed from the stair landing, and it can be seen much of the entrance and kitchen area has been paneled with beadboard.

The pocket door opening to the side corridor (which leads to the side entrance) has been installed.

To the right of the corridor (front of the house), this small room (which I’m still designating a home office) has been painted dark gray.

To the left of the corridor, the area I had guessed would be a pantry seems to be confirming that guess.

Next door at 162 Fels, construction continues apace (and was under way when I visited).

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