Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 7-3-16

I took a slew of photos this week, but mostly for archival purposes, not for this blog. As a result, there’s really not a lot to report.

252 N. Bayview Street

The old bits of HVAC have been thrown in the dumpster out front, the tub in the master bath is still filled with water, and the only noticeable change is the installation of doors and windows in the master suite. The bedroom now sports new doors and windows.

The sitting room had windows but now also has doors.

351 N. Summit Street

I was excited to see that the masking had been removed from inside the windows, so I hoped for a peek inside. Better still, though, I found that the front door was unlocked, so I was able to tour the entire interior. Disappointingly, however, I found no changes worth reporting. Drywall finishing has been completed, and walls have been primed but not painted. The next big leap will probably be flooring. These two photos show the dining room. Here is the wood-paneled bay at the front.

And this view from the dining room into the living room shows an area between the two that will be interesting to watch. The shallow alcoves on either side may be built-in china closets.

Outside, this test pattern seems to confirm suspicions that the front walk will be paved with brick.

This arrangement in the parking area is a little more puzzling.

160 Fels Avenue

The house was locked up again this week, so I had to content myself with peering through windows. This shot through the French doors from the back screened porch show a forest of doors freshly painted and awaiting installation.

Between the doors, it can be seen that cabinetry has been installed in the kitchen.

This shot through the front window shows the kitchen cabinetry in the foreground and doors in the background.

Outside, the purpose of the bricks and concrete blocks delivered last week is now evident: the brick wall jutting from the house has been extended to surround what is assumed to be a parking place. It seems unlikely that a five-bedroom, 4½-bath house will have off-street parking for only one car, but so far this is it.

This shot from the back demonstrates that it is now much more difficult (though not entirely impossible) to make a full circuit of the house.

Next door at 162, construction progress continues.

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