Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 7-10-16

I was afraid I’d have only teasers this week since there were workers present at two of the houses yesterday, and I didn’t plan to walk today, but I drove to the two houses for photos (still came home dripping), so I have a somewhat more complete report.

252 N. Bayview Street

Since the fill flash on my camera is useless for backlit scenes, here are some shots of the new doors and windows from the outside. Note that the “sitting room” porch is already being used.

Inside, progress is subtle and largely not photogenic, but apparently it has required ripping out the ceiling in the back room. As a reminder, here’s what that room looked like before it was locked up and segregated from renovation (photo taken on March 13, 2016):

And here’s how it looked yesterday:

The adjacent bathroom and closet have similarly been trashed. I took the photo below to show (as I think I have not previously done) the flooring in the main part of the house, which reflects the original position of the walls. I find myself constantly tripping over the gaps.

351 N. Summit Street

When I passed yesterday, I could hardly believe my eyes. I thought painting the brick at 160 Fels was crazy, but this is really idiotic.

Sure enough, though, when I went back today, the entire “fence” had been painted—at least a first coat (some brick color is still showing through). It remains to be seen whether the brick veneer of the house itself will also be painted.

160 Fels Avenue

This was the scene when I passed yesterday.

The result is not so much a carport as a “car arbor.” I had had second thoughts about whether the space might accommodate two cars, but looking at it again today, I was again sure it is intended for only a single vehicle.

On the other hand, the space between the left (east) side of the house and the property line is just barely wide enough for a driveway, so perhaps some parking in the back is planned.

The front porch has been gussied up with brackets to (sort of) match those under the bay window.

In the back yard, freshly painted shutters were strewn around.

And on the back porch, we see the beginnings of an “outdoor kitchen.”

The opposite wall of the porch has been paneled with distressed wood. Even in this blurry photo, you can see that the newly installed ceiling fans were turning briskly.

Inside, as seen through the glass porch doors, the forest of doors has been harvested, revealing the kitchen cabinetry.

The newly installed light fixture in the small room off the kitchen makes me doubt my original assumption that this will be a small office. Perhaps a tiny media room?

Are these excess doors that have been discarded?

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2 Responses to Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 7-10-16

  1. Dan Freeman says:

    Who in their right mind paints new brick?

  2. Exactly. You’re just setting yourself up for a lifetime of maintenance. I can’t see doing it unless the brick is really ugly, but in the case of both these houses, the brick is very attractive mixed (used) brick. I just don’t get it.

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