Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 7-24-16

Moderate progress this week, with some interesting developments.

252 N. Bayview Street

As it was last week, the focus this week was on “the porch.” As seen below from the steps, from the living room, and from the ground, a new framework has been built for the covered entrance porch.

Inside, a partition has been added between the living room and the kitchen, with all the complicated wiring to be expected in such an area.

351 N. Summit Street

The house exterior is largely unchanged from last week. When I passed the house yesterday, there was the sound of machinery from the porch in front of the breakfast area. From the street, it appeared that a masonry saw as being used to cut bricks. When I showed up today, I found these pallets of bricks.

The saw was gone, leaving only these broken bricks.

If I had not seen this revised paving layout, I might not have realized that all the bricks on the pallets had been sliced in half to create brick pavers.

356 N. Summit Street

Back in November I reported that the house at 356 N. Summit (shown here as it appeared when Google Street View photographed it in April 2011) had disappeared.

For a time the cleared lot had been offered in its entirety, but, as so often happens in this neighborhood, it had to be subdivided to find a purchaser.

Grading activity on the portion that has been sold promises that there will be something here to watch in the future.

160 Fels Avenue

We’re definitely counting down on this one. I ran into the builder at the site yesterday, and he projected that, if all goes well, it will be complete in three weeks. Assuming that the owners of a five-bedroom house have school-aged children, I would imagine they are hoping for a move-in date before school starts on August 22.

As can be seen from these previously published photos, while the fence on the east side of the property had already been taken down to facilitate construction at 162 Fels, there were fences in place in the back and on the west side.

For whatever reason, these have been taken down, and a new fence is being constructed all the way around.

This trailer in the back yard is further proof that the space between the house and the property line on the east side is sufficient for a driveway.

The carport has been painted.

On the back porch, wooden trim has been added to the columns, and a countertop and cabinet doors have been added to the outdoor kitchen.

The inside kitchen is also nearing completion. While it may not be clear in this photo, the sink has a faucet, and cabinets and countertops are in place (two of three lighting fixtures over the sink are still missing, however. The long boxes in the foreground appear to contain flooring.

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