Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 7-31-16

A lot of photos today, so prepare to scroll!

252 N. Bayview Street

I could not see any change from last week, but I offer this photo showing all of the partitions that have been added to delineate the “living room,” “dining room,” and “kitchen” areas of the large open space inside the front door.

351 N. Summit Street

Once again I was fortunate to find the builder onsite, watering newly planted palm trees. He explained that they are “rescue trees,” salvaged from another construction site.

Another rescued item is the large dish (which to me looks like a giant mortar) seen in many previous photos. I asked the builder about it, and he said it was jetsam he’d retrieved from the side of the road and plans to use as part of a fountain.

He showed me the landscape plan on his phone, explaining that, since the house has no back yard, the area in front of the breakfast room porch (which will be screened) will serve as a “back yard.” There will be a privacy hedge near the street; between this and the house there will be planted beds separated by gravel paths, with the fountain in the center.

Construction has begun on a privacy fence on the west side and around the back. The builder said it will later be evened off at some reasonable height. It will stretch across the back all the way to the previously constructed brick wall.

356 Magnolia Avenue

Sure enough, this week there are further indications of imminent construction: a dumpster and a portolet.

Inside the property, lumber, rebar, and other framing materials have been staged. (Props to anyone who knows what a “rod chair” is. I had to look it up!)

160 Fels Avenue

Construction of the fence has been completed, the previously jagged edge now neatly capped. Apparently it will be enclosed with short sections connecting to the house.

Unfortunately, the fence now prevents observation of progress at 162 Fels.

The existing driveway, including the “apron” at the street, has been demolished, presumably to be replaced.

In addition, a split driveway appears to be planned on the east side of the property, leading not to the back yard as previously conjectured but just to a parking space in front of the fence.

This type of driveway—just two strips of concrete for vehicle wheels—is an old-fashioned style rarely seen these days. As automobile wheelbases have changed, many homeowners have opted to fill in the gaps to create a solid surface.

As construction nears completion, these signs have appeared around the yard; by next week perhaps landscaping will have begun.

Carriage lamps have been added beside the front door and these unusual fluted sconces at the side entrance.

As to the interior, I hit the jackpot there. A paperhanger was preparing to hang this dramatic wallpaper in the powder room, and he let me in.

The light fixtures in the living room are typical of the modern, geometric style seen throughout the house, extending even to the square doorknobs (these are on the coat closet in the entry).

The square-shaded ceiling fixture in the master bedroom and rectangular sinks and light fixture in the master bath continue the motif (though at least the tub has some curves).

Furnishings in the small northwest room continue to confirm my surmise that it will be an office.

The pantry offers ample storage both inside and out (perhaps the exterior portion will be a broom closet or storage for outdoor apparel).

The kitchen is virtually complete, awaiting only appliances, drawer and cabinet pulls (square?), and more light fixtures over the sink (presumably the existing one will be adjusted as well).

The entry leads directly to the staircase, now with a permanent (but as yet unpainted) railing. Stair treads have been installed and the risers painted.

This practical gray carpet (shown here at the top of the stairs) is used throughout the second floor. The downstairs floor—presumably hardwood or laminate flooring—is protected throughout with cardboard.

This impressive wall storage unit has been added to the sitting room/family room/game room at the top of the stairs. (The door in the background leads to the northeast front bedroom.)

The window seat in the northwest front bedroom looks inviting.

This unique light fixture distinguishes the northeast bedroom.

The sink and light fixture in the northeast bedroom’s adjoining bath are duplicated in the other upstairs bathrooms.

The upstairs laundry room has barn doors.

Barring another happy accident, this will be our last chance to see the interior of this house; if the builder’s expectations are fulfilled, it will be completed within the next two weeks.

Other Neighborhood Improvements

This fountain at 306 N. Bayview is a relatively recent addition.

This house at 111 Fels Avenue, which recently changed hands, has been spiffed up with fresh paint (presumably by the new owners). Photos below show its appearance in April 2011 (from Google Street View) and today. The change in appearance of the picket fence is especially dramatic.

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