Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 8-14-16

After three days of rain (5¼″ in our gauge from Wednesday through Friday), it wasn’t surprising that all four of the construction sites I’m currently monitoring had workers present yesterday, so most of the photos below are from today. I did, however, luck out at one house, as detailed below.

252 N. Bayview Street

Yesterday when I passed, someone I took to be the builder was talking with a couple I took to be the owners about their preferences for the front door, though that still seems a long way off (the front porch is still just joists and a sheet of plywood). But the installation of insulation (blown foam in the outside walls and fiberglass batts in the interior partitions, as reported last week) had been completed.

It’s not clear where this window unit will be installed, since there are no missing windows.

Upstairs, siding has been applied to the front of the house and porch walls.

This collection of new-looking doors and cabinets is being stored in the back room.

352 N. Summit Street

The building permit sign (with the correct address) shows that the builder of this house (and garage), Craig Homes, Inc., is the same as that for 252 N. Bayview. It will be interesting to contrast the progress of a scratch-built house with that of the renovation.

Workers yesterday were building this concrete block foundation.

351 N. Summit Street

Brick masons were at work yesterday, so I expected to see brick paving on the front walk this morning. What I found instead was further edging—of the screened porch and in the breezeway.

The curious arch in this border between parking space and front walk suggests that the paving will be “crowned” like a street to promote drainage.

In addition, this overhang has been added, presumably to be duplicated over the other patio entrance.

160 Fels Avenue

As I approached the house yesterday, my view was blocked by a concrete mixer.

Today I was able to see the result, a new slab poured at 162 Fels, and also get a better shot of 160 Fels.

As can be seen, although landscaping is not complete, sod has been laid.

By today, some of the new sod had already been disturbed.

A table and stools have been added to the back porch.

The owner/builder, Bob Evans, was onsite dealing with last-minute details and supervising the installation of a refrigerator. He proudly demonstrated some of the features of the house and invited me to “look around,” so I did. This wide shot of the living room and kitchen was taken through the French doors, before I tried the door and let myself in. The fridge can be seen at left, and note that the flooring has been exposed.

In this closer shot, note that the microwave oven is on a pull-out shelf. Bob said there would also be an overhead pull-down door to conceal it.

Here are the powder room, with its dramatic wallpaper, and the storage room under the stairs.

The office has built-in cabinets. I told Bob I really liked the light fixture; he said it put out a lot of heat—not great when you’re already slaving over a hot computer!

The finished “mud room” closets (inside the side entrance), with pantry behind.

This shot shows the wallpaper in the living room, with the entrance to the master suite. As can be seen, some electrical work remains to be done, and there was an electrician onsite.

This is the wallpaper in the master bedroom, with the entrance to the bath area at right.

The tub has now been installed. I think I would have been inclined to put the faucet and handles at the back, but I guess this saves bending over to draw the water.

Here’s the vanity seen with the light on (for some reason it didn’t occur to me to turn on lights when I was photographing two weeks ago). I’m guessing there will be a mate to this mirror—one over each sink.

The closet is of course well fitted out with built-ins. The designer even included a tie rack. I mentioned this to Bob, who laughed and said, “Yeah, for the one or two times a year when I dress up enough to put on a tie.”

The stacked Whirlpool washer and dryer are on the right side of the closet, with a pull-up folding table.

The finished bottom stair landing.

Upstairs, the window seat in the front northwest bedroom has been papered and a light fixture added.

Presumably a bed will be placed between the light fixtures in the back northwest bedroom.

As can be seen from the photo above, as well as these of a bedroom closet and the carport, move-in has already begun, with tubs of belongings in many of the rooms and closets in the house.

The clearest signal that the house is nearing completion is that the portolet has been placed on the sidewalk, ready for pickup.

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