Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 9-25-16

Baby steps today.

252 N. Bayview Street

Although there were workers present yesterday, it’s hard to see what they might have been doing. The main noticeable change on walking in the front door is that the kitchen has become a secondary door store (weren’t there enough doors in the back room already?).

Upstairs, I noticed for the first time (though of course it’s not new) that the upstairs air handler (last seen in a May 29 photo) has been enclosed (the downstairs one is in a closet).

Outside, new windows have been installed where there was previously a door (for reasons unknown, the back room had two outside entrances).

352 N. Summit Street

During the past week, the house has been “dried in”—roofed and wrapped with Tyvek.

351 N. Summit Street

When I passed yesterday, there was what I took to be a landscaping crew at work. There was a car or truck from Lambco (variously billed as Lambco Site Services and Lambco Landsculpting, both enterprises of Wayne Lambert in Daphne). I took a couple of telephoto shots and deferred inspection till today.

As I was approaching 352 N. Summit today, Vance McCown drove up. He rolled down the window and said, “Go check out the grading.”

I said, “Yeah, I saw them doing it yesterday. I was about to go take pictures.”

He said, “Them! That was me!” If I’d known he was at the controls of the Bobcat (rented from Lambco apparently), I might have gone closer yesterday, but today I was able to inspect the finished work. Vance reiterated that there is a “Continental Divide” in the middle of the property, with drainage to the west on one side and to the east on the other. Before he bought the property, drainage was straight from the street (which is on the south side) to the back of the lot and into the next yard, so he has improved it significantly.

As promised, the garage doors have been installed.

The front walk has also been completed (though currently under a layer of sand).

160 Fels Avenue and Environs

Progress on the addition at 162 Fels continues.

This trellis was added to the carport at 160 Fels several weeks ago, but I’ve been waiting to see whether it would painted or perhaps something would start to climb up it.

Since last week, this stump has replaced a tree at 158 Fels (the Google Street View photo shows how it used to look).

The house at 203 Liberty (with mailbox [blurred in this photo] actually on Fels) used to be surrounded by vegetation.

After it sat on the market for quite some time, it began to undergo renovation, which has included removing the fence and clearing out a lot of the shrubs and even trees.

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