Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 10-9-16

For starters, here’s a photo you can puzzle over as I did the subject, strung out between trees on the bluff. Does anyone know what this is for? I assume some form of exercise. (As I approached it from the street side, seen only in silhouette, it looked more like a series of bells of various shapes!)

252 N. Bayview Street

Outside, the carport posts have been boxed in.

Inside, doors and trim are the news this week. This door propped up against the kitchen wall (probably destined to hang in the opening to the laundry room, next to it) was the only one not installed. A few pocket doors are still missing, but most of the hinged ones appear to be in place.

One of the pairs of double doors is in the opening of the alcove (purpose still unknown) in the entryway from the deck on the north side of the house. To the left is the pocket door opening into the laundry room.

Another pair of double doors opens to the closet in the northeast downstairs bedroom.

Baseboards and window trim have also been added in this room.

In the back room, another pair of double doors, opening to the new closet. The outside door and all the windows had been opened yesterday, presumably to air the room out (they were closed when I returned today).

Double doors lead to the closet in the hallway between the kitchen and downstairs bedrooms. The painted door inside provides access to the downstairs air handler.

Upstairs, its counterpart has a single door. The plans I found last week confirmed my earlier speculation that these corresponding over-and-under closets are designed as a future elevator shaft. To the left of the upstairs closet is the pocket door leading to the His and Hers walk-in closets.

The master bath is also accessed through double doors.

In all the existing bathrooms, some existing fixtures have been retained, presumably to be reused, yet no effort is being made to protect them. A lot of work is going to be needed to clean these up to “like-new” condition!

In the living room, a pile of what may be flooring.

This corner is a dramatic illustration of the effect of the cove molding.

352 N. Summit Street

This week was evidently devoted to electrical work, with wiring strung and electrical outlet and switch boxes installed, along with connections for ceiling fixtures.

In the master bedroom, can lights (red) have been installed at the four corners, with a box for (presumably) a ceiling fan in the center (yellow).

351 N. Summit Street

No discernible change.

59 N. Summit Street

The new roof is now complete with plywood decking covered with Tyvek. The existing dormers have been removed.

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