Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 10-16-16

The plot thickens. Today the exercise installation has been augmented with items constructed (or about to be constructed) from pool noodles and plastic Folger’s coffee tubs.

252 N. Bayview Street

A shot of the façade showing the trim that has somewhat recently been added.

The material used is MiraTEC by JELD-WEN, treated exterior composite trim, diminishing piles of which have been lying around the site for weeks. This is ironic since the instructions (numerous copies of which I found on the ground with the trim) specify: “Cover when used outside. Keep MiraTEC trim off the ground and dry. Excessive moisture pickup from improper storage may affect the performance of MiraTEC trim.”

Inside, the first thing that caught my eye was this square decorative panel. I will be curious to see where it ends up.

The panel was leaning against a wall just inside the door—or perhaps I should say doorway, since for some reason the door that was installed several weeks ago has been removed.

Similarly, the door to the back room has been removed. I didn’t see much else of note, though I suppose application of trim has continued throughout the house.

352 N. Summit Street

Today’s great leap forward is windows.

Here are the same windows from inside. This is the kitchen, looking toward what I previously identified as a breakfast room. Now, from the plans (shown below) I see it is a “sunroom” (though I suspect it may still be a sunny breakfast room).

In the living room (or rather “great room”), the fireplace insert has been installed.

HVAC equipment has been installed in one end of the master suite’s walk-in closet, and ductwork (not shown) has been installed throughout the house).

Here are the plans for the first and second floors. The colors indicate various kinds of insulation.

From the upstairs plan we learn that the mystery space at the top of the stairs will evidently be a sort of kitchenette, with sink, undercounter fridge, and microwave oven (“in Overhaed [sic] Cabinet”).

Already the actual construction is diverging from the plans. As can be seen from this detail, Bedroom 3 was slated to have a window seat flanked by two closets.

In actuality, there’s no sign of either. Moreover, it has appropriated the closet originally intended for Bedroom 2.

Similarly, in Bedroom 4, only half of the planned closet has been framed.

351 N. Summit Street

Progress here has been very subtle. If I hadn’t approached the front door close enough to peer in (to see whether work on the flooring had begun), I would not have noticed (by smell alone) that the door has been stained.

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