Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-6-16

Work in progress at two houses yesterday, so most of the photos are from today.

252 N. Bayview Street

The exterior today displays a different treatment of the space above the front windows. I guess the arrangement of layered clapboards illustrated last week was rejected.

Inside, the story this week was painting. To judge from the masking of windows, floors, and pretty much everything else in sight, I’m guessing the paint (antique white throughout) may have been sprayed. I took a lot of photos, but this one of the “back room” will suffice to give the idea.

352 N. Summit Street

The story here was walls, both inside and out.

Outside, clapboards have been applied in front.

The areas not sheltered by the porch will evidently receive different treatment, beginning with what appears to be cement board sheathing.

The piles of “lumber” in the side yard are actually fiber cement siding, specifically Plycem trim, 1″ × 6″ and 1″ × 3″.

Inside, drywall has been installed throughout most of the house, with just a few areas unfinished.

As I was exiting the house from the “sun room,” I was struck by something I hadn’t noticed before: the front porch stops abruptly at the edge of the door frame instead of extending to the corner of the house. The reason for this will doubtless become apparent, but it seems like a rather dangerous idea.

351 N. Summit Street

No discernible change outside, but inside it appears that preparations for flooring downstairs are being made. Here flooring is stacked up in the kitchen/breakfast room.

Note the thickness of the planks in the doorway between living room and dining room.

59 N. Summit Street

No discernible change outside except this trailer, which suggests further gutting inside.

I peeked through a window, and it appears that the interior is being reconfigured.

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