Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-13-16

A fair amount to report on today.

252 N. Bayview Street

At some point when I wasn’t paying attention (probably about the same time the thermostats were installed), these compressors were installed outside. The old units shown in my June 12 post are still in place, however.

The front door has been restored.

As can be seen in the background of this photo, however, many interior doors have been removed and not yet replaced.

Obviously, the big development this week is cabinetry. The photos above and below show the kitchen.

As a reminder, there are three bathrooms downstairs (all retained from the existing structure). The first, which is off the back hall outside the left (northeast) bedroom, has a new vanity.

The private bath off the southeast bedroom also has one.

The third bath is the one in the “back room” suite, and it, too, has been equipped.

This lavatory, evidently intended for reuse in that bathroom, is currently in the original closet of the suite.

When I said last week that the whole house had been painted, I obviously misspoke. In fact, it had just been primed. The first sign of paint is the robin’s egg blue in the master bath.

352 N. Summit Street

The reason for the large quantity of narrow trim strips now becomes evident: the exterior treatment is board-and-batten.

I’m puzzled by the electrical provisions by the front door. The two wires at the top are obviously for carriage lamps. The small wire at the bottom is for the doorbell. But what is the framed electrical box between them? There is a similar framed box—surely an electrical outlet—in the center of the porch, but this seems an unlikely place for an outlet, so my best guess is perhaps an intercom.

Inside there seems to be no progress, but I do have another correction. The portions of the wall not covered with drywall are not unfinished but in fact the location of the ubiquitous “vertical shiplap.”

Although I could have sworn this area was completely covered with drywall when I visited last week.

351 N. Summit Street

Great things going on here. Obviously work on landscaping has begun, with considerable disruption to Vance’s careful grading.

The base of the fountain has been poured. Behind it can be seen the chalk outlines of the planned flower beds.

In the breezeway, a French drain of some sort has been constructed.

At the rear of the breezeway, another mysterious installation.

Behind the house, a pad has been poured for some as-yet-unknown equipment.

The purpose of this new trench is also not obvious.

A handsome carriage lamp has been installed by the front door.

Inside, as seen through windows and doors, work on the floors has begun.

Note that the sleepers in the living room (foreground) are at right angles to those in the dining room (background).

160 Fels Avenue

One last fond look at this house now that the landscaping has taken hold and the trellis in the carport has been painted.

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