Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-20-16

Paint and floors are the story today.

252 N. Bayview Street

Outside, fresh paint on both brick and woodwork as well as the siding upstairs. When I passed yesterday, there was a stiff breeze blowing visible clouds of dust into the paint being applied by the painters who were at work. They seemed to be almost done, however, and I suspect gave up shortly thereafter.

Inside, work on the floors has begun. Most of the kitchen area has been floored (though I walked through without noticing until I came back downstairs from seeing the new floors upstairs).

In one of the back bedrooms, the reason for removing all the doors is obvious: they’ve been stained—all except one that seems to be a test area.

Upstairs, as noted, hardwood floors have been laid throughout (including the closets), and there are more stained doors.

In the master bath, tiling has begun, both on the floor…

…and on the walls of the shower. Until seeing it tiled (and therefore looking more like a shower than a room) I hadn’t realized how huge it is, with shower connections at both ends.

These Bliss Waterfall Linear Blend Glass and Stone Mosaic tiles will no doubt fill the currently empty space in the shower to provide a decorative border and a cubby.

Downstairs, more tile, including this Highland Park Dove Gray 4″ × 12″ subway tile from MS International Inc., which will probably be used on the walls of the hall bath.

352 N. Summit Street

Outside, the siding appears complete upstairs and down and even on the garage.

In the front, the clapboards continue around the corner from the front door, with the rest of the wall covered in board-and-batten.

Inside, progress is subtle. The floors are fairly uniformly covered with fine white powder.

The same can be seen on the exposed fiberglass insulation.

My conclusion was that the drywall joints in walls and ceilings had been sanded smooth. Some of the previously installed insulation didn’t fare well in the process.

351 N. Summit Street

The landscapers have been at work, and the lot is mostly level again, though the soil is still loose. These NDS Irrigation Control Valve covers are located in various spots around the yard. They suggest that irrigation may be more sophisticated than the typical RainBird sprinklers.

Brick masons were working on the fountain basin yesterday, and today its finished appearance can be anticipated.

Flooring work continues. I took several photos through windows before discovering that the kitchen door (in the breezeway) was open, so I sneaked in and grabbed these shots of the living room…

…and dining room, where it appears that some stain testing is being done.

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