Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 12-11-16

Between the polar vortex and the tail end (I sincerely hope) of an upper respiratory infection, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get out for a walk today, but in fact I felt pretty good (for a welcome change), and the air felt warmer than expected, so I got out for a short tour of inspection.

252 N. Bayview Street

Lots of developments here, starting with, on the outside, a solution to the mystery of the louvers, which are now revealed as part of an overall design encompassing the carport and upstairs porch as well as the two front panels.

Here’s a detail of the effect in the carport.

The planting bed in front has been retrenched on both ends.

Inside, the story is mostly light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and other details. Here, for example, is the new chandelier in the dining area. The corner base cabinet, which has been in the living room from the beginning of construction (growing progressively shabbier), is apparently just being used as a work space, though it may yet eventually be installed somewhere.

And what about these cabinets? Will they find a home?

In the kitchen, cabinets have been added above the side counter, and a very high-tech Delta Cassidy sink faucet has been installed.

In the laundry room, granite countertops have been installed, with a cutout for the salvaged kitchen sink, which awaits below.

In the back hall, the wall sconce shown in last week’s post has been replaced with this one, which matches the one in the living room (shown at left of the kitchen photo above). The “wrong” sconce has been installed in the basement stairwell. The replacement has left a hole that will need to be patched.

The northeast bedroom appears to be a staging area for fans and light fixtures, including two Jeremiah wall sconces that will probably end up in a bathroom.

The southeast bedroom remains a dumping ground for discarded fixtures, including the toilet that has been removed from the bathroom…

…to permit installation of a tile floor.

The fiberglass tub enclosure is finally gone, too, replaced by this tile surround.

In the bathroom of the rear suite, the glass shower door has been removed, and tile has been added here as well.

As predicted, stair treads have been installed.

And this fixture will light the top of the staircase.

Other finishing touches include locksets and doorstops.

Not quite so finished, the exposed breaker box and security system control panel in the “attic.”

In addition, the ceiling has had to be breached with yet another hole that will have to be patched, suggesting a lack of planning or coordination on the part of the contractor and subcontractors.

In the master bath, the toilet cubicle now contains a Toto toilet.

Faucets have been installed, and a chandelier awaits installation. The hole in the wall has been patched but will need to be repainted.

Here’s a close-up of one of the faucets, a Delta Victorian.

The shower fixture is also Delta Victorian, a very high-tech model with automatic temperature control. I’m at a loss to explain the extra pipe circled in the photo unless it has something to do with the gizmo shown in Delta’s photo, which I thought might be a temperature readout, but apparently those are incorporated with the controls, so there’s no telling what this is.

If I had to guess, I’d go out on a limb and predict that the faucet for the tub will also be from Delta’s Victorian Collection. But does this scrap of trim stuck here suggest further ornamentation?

Louvers have been added to the upstairs porch, not only for ornament but also as a railing.

As can be seen, the wood-look tile has been used for flooring as predicted. The heavy posts outside the covered area of the screened porch suggest that perhaps there will be an open “balcony” in front of the porch.

As noted above, the sconce previously mounted in the downstairs back hall has now been installed in the basement stairwell. The basement itself appears to remain unchanged, housing mysteriously shrouded piles of equipment, fixtures, and building materials, including the mystery doors noted last week.

352 N. Summit Street

The remainder of the house and a portion of the garage have been painted, but progress was no doubt retarded—and painting efforts somewhat negated—by several days of torrential rain. The house was still thoroughly wrapped up, so I didn’t try to go inside.

351 N. Summit Street

Landscaping work is now in full swing. Beds have been filled with soil and paths with gravel.

Some trees have been planted.

And many other plants await planting.

In the back, an interesting exercise with plastic and gravel.

And the new concrete pad will perhaps be the site of a modest firewood rack.

There was so much going on outside that I didn’t even think to peek in the windows, but my photos through windows are not very satisfactory, anyway, not to mention that most of the progress is taking place upstairs.

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