Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-1-17

We start the new year with two houses nearing completion. I may be out of business soon!

252 N. Bayview Street

When I visited yesterday, the house was wide open (the side door was standing open), and there were lights on throughout. I think workers must have just left for lunch. I didn’t visit again today to see what else they might have done, but the most noticeable change yesterday was installation of the kitchen appliances. The KitchenAid ovens (the top one is a microwave) both show the time, in this case 12:34 and 12:37; probably their clocks started at 12:00 when they were connected to power, as it was actually 1:24 when I took the photo.

The KitchenAid gas cooktop has also been installed.

As predicted, this required cutting a hole in the granite countertop. This shot shows the hardware below.

The refrigerator is a Samsung “four-door flex” model, probably this one, since it does have a sparkling water dispenser. The top portion is a French door refrigerator. The bottom has two separate compartments; the left is a freezer, and the right can be cooled to either refrigerator or freezer temperature for additional space as needed (it is currently configured as freezer space).

As seen below, “A sleek and seamless temperature display features LED lights that shine through micro-pinholes to display temperature settings.”

The dishwasher is also a KitchenAid, but it is not new: it’s the one that’s been sitting around in various rooms throughout construction. Since it has mechanical switches rather than an electronic touchpad, it is probably more reliable (not to mention a lot faster) than the new water-saving models. If dishwashing as well as laundry will be done in this room, perhaps we should call it the “scullery” rather than the “laundry room.”

Upstairs, the lights were on in the closet—I’m still not sure how; though the breaker box in the right closet was open, surely it isn’t necessary to feel one’s way in the dark and reach behind clothes to turn the lights on, so I assume there is another explanation (they are not motion-activated, as they were on when I before I got there).

And, sure enough, in the master bath, the areas at the head and foot of the tub are being tiled.

Installation of the framing for the screen of the upstairs porch has required cutting the capitals of the columns.

In the basement, there had been a noticeable (but still incomplete) cleanup effort. Presumably the red-and-green tubs topped by a tree stand contain Christmas decorations (not used this year?), and the “beer fridge” is still being aired out.

352 N. Summit Street

If there were any changes inside, they were too subtle for me. Outside, however, the brickwork has been completed, including around the garage even though the north and east sides of the garage remain unpainted.

351 N. Summit Street

No obvious changes here except the appearance in the driveway of these logs that may be intended to become lumber (there is still a great quantity of exotic lumber, some of it cut quick thick, piled on the floors downstairs).

Views of the garden from the house and from the street, illustrating how the camellia hedge provides privacy.

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