Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-15-17

Not much to report today, but as lagniappe I have a few more photos of the Gate House.

252 N. Bayview Street

Cleaners were working inside, so I didn’t go in, but outside, sure enough, work is about to begin on the driveway.

Excavation for the driveway has resulted in a pile of dirt.

352 N. Summit Street

This week’s progress has been in interior painting. The back hall and upstairs “break room” show the completion of trim on the shiplap wainscoting.

The fireplace has also been surrounded by shiplap.

The ceilings in all the rooms are painted blue, as can be seen more easily in one of the upstairs bedrooms, where the ceiling paint has overlapped the walls.

A couple of shots of the well-appointed walk-in closet in the master suite. How I’d love to have so much well-planned storage!

This decoration over the opening between kitchen and great room is a recent addition.

351 N. Summit Street

Painters were at work inside.

And work has begun on the floor of the screened porch.

The Gate House

I diverged from my usual route to check out progress at the Gate House, where work on the front porch was under way. As can be seen, the stone faced pillars are complete (the detail shows their ornamentation), and some of the fretwork railings had been installed; a painter was at work spraying a length additional fretwork pieces for the rest of the porch.

Across the street, as predicted (and after several days of obstructing and digging up the street), a new fireplug had been installed, along with this obtrusive and unattractive piping. Pagan says perhaps Dean will paint it to look like a dragon.

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