Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-29-17

Not a lot to report this week on the three sites I’ve been monitoring regularly, but I do have another update on 120 Kiefer Avenue and a few more photos of the Gate House.

252 N. Bayview Street

Yesterday was moving day, at least partially. The items being moved in appeared to be newly purchased furniture from Restoration Hardware. In the photo below, you can see the ginormous (and very heavy) mirrored headboard (which had to go upstairs to the master bedroom) that was giving the movers a hard time.

As can be seen, painting is now almost complete. The balcony railing has not been painted because the posts are not right. When corrected, they will be the same size and style as the columns behind and the pilasters on the first floor. The stair rail beside the front steps is temporary (required by code) and will be removed to make way for planters. Both side entrances have railed steps, and there is a grade-level entrance to the back bedroom.

The copper lantern I speculated about last week has in fact been installed on the front porch. Over time, it will acquire a patina that will almost match the paint color.

I was not the only person observing the move-in. The American Ninja Warriors from next door were also keeping an eye on the process. I had a chance to speak to them the other day when they came to my door selling candy bars to raise money for their school library. It seems the education budget has been cut to the point that only $21 per classroom is allocated for library books!

352 N. Summit Street

The mantel has been installed, and stair treads lean against the wall, ready to be put in service.

In the master bathroom, construction of a shower stall, with two shower heads and a bench, has begun. A “garden tub” will be placed diagonally in the windowed corner.

351 N. Summit Street

No change.

120 Kiefer Avenue

The guesthouse steps are finally being completed and in fact will stretch across the front and around the side (my earlier speculation about flower beds was obviously incorrect).

This diagram shows exactly how they are to be laid.

The dumpster seemed fuller this week, so I can only assume work inside the main house is continuing as well.

The Gate House

Painting by Freedom Construction is complete, along with landscaping by Martiniere Landscaping. Although some details remain to be finished, the house will soon be available to rent through Mannich Real Estate (which now also had a sign in the yard).

Despite my best efforts to damp reflections, these shots through the glass are pretty bad, but you can get some idea of the finished interior.

I am told that Leslie Anne Tarabella will be visiting and writing about the house soon. Her photos will definitely be better than mine!

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