Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-12-17

In which we bid farewell to one project but touch base on several others.

252 N. Bayview Street

The porch railing has been painted, the unwanted/unneeded railing on the steps has been removed, and there is a car in the carport. I think it’s time to stick a fork in this one.

352 N. Summit Street

The tile work that was under way last weekend was nearer completion today, but the first sight that greeted my eyes was flooring. Unable to open the front door, I used one of the French doors in the great room (which was standing ajar), and soon saw why the front door wouldn’t open.

The great room/dining room floor was in progress, as were other downstairs floors. Upstairs, the landing had been completed.

In the master bath, the shower stall awaits grout. I assume that the area above the half wall and seat will be part of a glass enclosure that includes the door.

The floor and shower stall in the upstairs hall bath have also been tiled. The decorative panel and shower floor are paved with actual pebbles that, even after grouting, will presumably provide a nubbly floor surface.

In the en suite bathroom, which is windowless, white subway tile and light-colored floor tile are a sensible choice.

351 N. Summit Street

In the kitchen, shapes hinting at cabinetry have appeared.

59 N. Summit Street

Although I promised a report, I really couldn’t see much today. Clearly, framing has begun on the extension. Driving by during the week, I had gotten a sense that work might also be under way on the second-story addition in back, but I couldn’t see any actual evidence of it.

The Gate House

Two of the (presumably) four lanterns have been installed on the posts, giving the porch a more finished look.

From the porch, I spotted this design in the neighbor’s front yard, created with fallen camellia and azalea blossoms.

Judging from the number of fallen blooms under this camellia, the creator may well be able to fill the heart by Valentine’s Day.

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