Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-16-17

Both feast and famine today, and the Beginning of the End for two sites.

352 N. Summit Street

When I passed yesterday, the house was apparently open, and some other people were visiting. I should have taken my chances then, as today I found it all very securely locked up. So I guess we’ll never see the plumbing fixtures in place, the remaining light fixtures and flooring installed, etc. But there had been activity outside, where the shapes of a driveway and front parking area have been outlined.

In the back, an overhang has been added over the back door and lamps installed (albeit still shrouded).

351 N. Summit Street

I lucked out again this week, finding the builder/owner on the porch “making a list.” Although there are still a few things to be done, he says they expect to move in within two weeks. At any rate, here’s a last (?) look at the interior.

In the kitchen, the Thermador range and dishwasher have been installed.

Previous photos of the sink area have not shown the open shelves that have been installed on either side of the sink.

This door, now with a handle, conceals the Thermador refrigerator.

In the powder room corridor (which must have some formal name, but I don’t know what it is), the Thermador freezer has been installed. It dispenses ice cubes, crushed ice, ice water, etc., through the door.

I also took a closer look at the Thermador microwave and steam/convection oven.

Upstairs, part of the stair landing railing has been installed. The fabricator has removed parts to be reworked because the wavy balusters were turned the wrong way (perpendicular to the straight balusters instead of parallel). U.S. building codes require a maximum of 4″ between balusters (to prevent baby heads from being able to get caught between them), and building inspectors will often bring a 4″ ball to check the distance.

In the laundry room, the Kohler laundry sink has been installed, along with a faucet with pull-out sprayer.

The Speed Queen washer has been installed; the dryer is still out on the stair landing. Both are commercial models with mechanical controls.

In the guest bath, the Kelston by Kohler sink now has a Delta Ashlyn® faucet.

The glass shower enclosure has also been installed. As previously noted, the tub fixtures are Delta’s Ashlyn Monitor.

The master bedroom has been painted dove grey, including all the closet doors.

This distinctive Lapa ceiling fan will cool the bedroom.

I had assumed that the lavatory faucets in the master bath would be from the same Brizo Siderna Collection as the shower fixtures, and Vance confirmed that they were Brizo, but in fact there are no faucets in any of the Brizo collections that match these, and these do not have any identifying marks.

The glass shower door is in place.

The glass door to the toilet room must be for symmetry only, as it certainly doesn’t provide any privacy.

The closets smell heavenly, thanks to extensive use of cypress for the fittings. A recent addition is this marble-topped unfinished cypress chest of drawers (one in each closet).

59 N. Summit Street

When I passed yesterday, workers, having completed the gables, were in the process of putting the roof on the addition. By today, it had been sheathed.

Since it appears the end wall will join the house in the middle of a window, it will be interesting to see how this works out.

Here’s the new (north) end of the extension of the house’s original core.

Since both front and back walls of that core are of concrete block (and must surely be bearing walls), it seems unlikely that they will be torn down.

On the back porch, however, new studding does seem to promise a realignment of the outer wall.

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