Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-23-17

Just a few words and photos today, as I’m snowed under finishing up my book review for Tuesday.

352 N. Summit Street

Concrete has been poured for most of the driveway and part of the parking space.

I’m guessing that there will be a brick inlay across the driveway at this point and along the sides to the street.

Although the house was still locked up, I found a bathroom window partially open and was able to get my camera inside to take this shot, which shows the shower fixtures installed. They are the Dryden™
Premium Single-Setting Slide Bar Hand Shower
(there were two of these, so I’m assuming the second is in the hall bathroom upstairs), Dryden™ Monitor® 14 Series Shower Trim, and Dryden™ Monitor® 17 Series Valve Only Trim.

From this photo taken through one of the front doors, we can see that the second chandelier has been(sort of) installed in the kitchen.

351 N. Summit Street

No report.

59 N. Summit Street

The outlines of the new façade are really taking shape now.

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