Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-14-17

I was able to get access to 352 N. Summit today, so this will be a marathon. Buckle up!

352 N. Summit Street

I was expecting to have to content myself with exterior photos, and those alone would have been numerous, as the landscaping has been completed.

In addition, the back steps have finally been constructed.

I took a few fuzzy photos through dirty windows but then found a front window open (I later realized that many windows had been opened from the top, presumably to promote circulation to dry paint, etc.). I was tempted to enter that way but then found that the kitchen door was unlocked.

In the kitchen, the gas cooktop has been installed, but the range, dishwasher, and fridge are still to come, and the disposal hasn’t been installed, either.

The racks I saw in the space designated for a microwave were still a bit of a mystery—perhaps somewhere in the pantry?

The valve for the Delta Leland® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is still lying in the sink; obviously, additional holes will have to be drilled in the countertop to accommodate that and the Delta Cassidy® Soap / Lotion Dispenser and Bottle.

In the pantry, the center drawers are just drawers, but what appear to be cabinet doors at left and right conceal pull out drawers for bulky items.

Here’s a bi-level drawer in the kitchen.

Here’s a close-up of the dining room chandelier and its decorative ceiling medallion.

And here’s the completed fireplace, with hearth and screen.

In the back hall, two pendant ceiling fixtures have been installed.

Here’s a close-up of one of them.

In the powder room, the Gerber Logan Square pedestal lavatory has been installed, and the mystery of why there were only three Toto toilets for four bathrooms is solved: this one is a Logan Square model to match the lavatory. The faucet here, like all the other lavatory faucets, is the Dryden™ Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet.

After I got home, I got to thinking about light fixtures and realized I hadn’t noticed whether one had been installed in the powder room. It will be recalled that a Feiss 1-light LED sconce was earmarked for that location. A Feiss 3-light LED vanity fixture had also been among the boxed lighting fixtures seen earlier. In fact, it turned out that the three-light one has in fact been installed over the lavatory, so high that I hadn’t noticed it and in fact rather higher than seems reasonable to me; a very tall mirror must be planned.

The one-light sconce is at a more normal height on the wall facing the toilet. Perhaps there will be a small table or chest under it.

In the laundry room, the C-Tech-I Patras LI-800 Italian sink and Delta Foundations® Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet have been installed. Note also the stone-tiled floor.

Again, I was so focused on items below eye level that I entirely missed this striking light fixture until the second trip.

In the master bedroom, the pendant lamps on either side of the bed now have shades. I haven’t been able to identify the model, but the construction of the lamp and shade is novel.

In the master bath, nothing has changed, but I was able to take some photos from the inside. The installation of the tub faucet and hand spray is now complete. Although it’s not visible in these photos, the drain assembly, unlike all the other plumbing fixtures, is not Delta but instead a “tip-toe” drain with “linear overflow” from Westbrass.

Here’s the shower as seen from inside.

In the toilet room, one of the three Toto Eco Drake toilets.

Upstairs, both the light fixtures previously installed in the “break room” (a Heath Flushmount and a Denton Narrow Sconce Tall, both from Restoration Hardware) have been removed. The former has been replaced by this unusual fixture.

The Denton sconce in the corridor beside the stair, leading to the center bedroom, has also been removed, but two of the sconces remain in the actual stairwell.

The bar sink and Delta 1959LF-AR bar/prep faucet have been installed.

So the break room awaits only its small fridge (below the counter) and microwave (on the shelf above).

This is the light fixture in the upstairs hall.

In the hall bath, the previously installed light fixtures have been replaced by the two relocated Denton sconces (their shades were found in the linen cupboard).

The completed shower uses the Dryden™ Monitor® 14 Series Shower Trim.

In the en suite bathroom, the Ara® Single Handle Vessel Lavatory Faucet with Channel Spout has been installed, but the vessel sink has not. The Feiss Sophie wall brackets are now shaded.

In the tub, the Ara® Monitor® 14 Series H2Okinetic® Tub and Shower Trim.

All the interior doors are pickled and have glass door knobs, some with brass plates but most with dark bronze. I made several attempts to get good photos of them in hopes of identifying the model, but photographing glass is a challenge!

351 N. Summit Street

I think it’s time to stick a fork in this one. Although I did not get a chance to talk to the homeowners to confirm this, I believe that they have moved in. In any case, they were celebrating Mother’s Day by hosting all their family (including the architect son who designed the house) and possibly a number of friends as well, so the house was surrounded by parked vehicles.

59 N. Summit Street

The main news is that the chimney extension was completed this week.

Inside, construction has begun on partitions, though considerable floor work is still needed.

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