Fairhope Scavenger Hunt: Birdwatcher Edition

When we moved to Fairhope in 1980, there was a sign on Section Street as we turned off the “four-lane” (Highway 98) proclaiming Fairhope a bird sanctuary. Perhaps it is still there.

In the intervening years, birds have been both encouraged and protected in Fairhope. A string of bluebird houses was put up along the bayfront. Feral cats were trapped and removed to prevent them from preying on waterfowl at the Duck Pond. Then ducks and geese were “relocated” in an attempt to reduce the fecal coliform count of the Bay, affected by runoff from the Duck Pond. But birds of all sorts still abound, and many homeowners welcome them, some of them extravagantly:

Any Fairhopian can see seagulls at the Municipal Pier and waterfowl at the Duck Pond, but can you locate these Fairhope birds? Each one was spotted within a block of the Bay and can be easily seen from the street, including this welcoming pair of hummingbirds:

Pelicans are popular:


But there are many other varieties as well:

Even peacocks!

And whatever this is:

Extra credit for identifying what this scene has to do with birds:

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