Fairhope Scavenger Hunt: Part 2

Over a year ago, I posted the “Birdwatcher Edition” of the Fairhope Scavenger Hunt. I fully intended to return the next day or the next week to post a follow-up. Then life happened. May and June are always busy for me, but things really fell apart in August: the next few months seemed to be one protracted “technical difficulty.” I replaced, not always as deliberately as I would have liked, my computer (after a hard drive crash), my keyboard (the E key stopped working), and my mouse (twice—the second time, the left button stopped working after less than six months) and purchased a new all-in-one to replace both a balky inkjet printer and a recalcitrant fax machine. Between November and February, I also had physical/medical difficulties. And I was learning how to use a smartphone (my first). The bottom line was that I didn’t feel much up to blogging.

Today, however, having some free time, I thought I should post some more photos. Last time was all birds; this edition has “beasts” and “fish” (marine animals in general). The first example is hard to miss: the public sculpture of dolphins in the Bayfront park along Mobile Street. The rest I challenge you to identify. Again, they are all found within one block of the bay.

Also, to answer the extra-credit question in the previous post: The last two photos were of the columbarium at Trinity Presbyterian Church. This provides space for the ashes of cremated loved ones. “Columbarium” is a Latin word meaning “dovecote” (from columba, ‘dove’).

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