Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-22-15

Sunday, November 22, 2015,

Not a lot this week.

308 N. Bayview Street

The first thing I noticed was that the foundation (concrete blocks and lattice) has been painted dark gray.

The second thing I noticed was the owner, who came out to greet me. He and his wife are in the process of moving in, having moved most of the heavy items (sofas, beds, dressing tables, etc.) and plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in the house. He says he is now eager for the landscaper to finish grading and lay sod.

In the back, patio furniture has been arranged. The owner says it has been decided to make a solid walk incorporating the stepping stones rather than have the stepping stones alone.

Painting of the carport has been completed, and I spotted tubs of Christmas ornaments in one of the storage rooms. Potted plants have been added.

I asked the owner whether the plan was to have lanterns of some kind at the top of the stair pillars. He said the conduit could accommodate either wiring or plumbing, so it hadn’t been decided whether to have lighting or pots, but he suspected it would be pots. Small lights will be incorporated in the wall surrounding the patio, replacing the spotlights currently at the corners of the eaves.

These carriage lamps on the back veranda are not new, but I had not previously noticed or photographed them.

The owner graciously gave me the grand tour, and I was able to take a few more photos. This unfortunately fuzzy one shows the refrigerator panels in place.

In the living room, draperies have been hung, and the TV is mounted in a frame. The owner said they would probably request that the frame be repainted to match the wall behind it (dark gray though it appears green in the photo), which will make it blend in more and also be less distracting for TV viewing.

In the closet of Bedroom 2, the fold-down attic staircase was down. The owner said it had turned out that the one in the carport was actually easier to use because the ceiling was not as high.

351 N. Summit Street

Progress on the chimney was the only noticeable change from last week.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Bricklayers were working on the front walk when I passed on Saturday. Although it’s difficult to see under the protective plastic covering (especially with the shadows), the walk has a herringbone pattern.

Inside, the story this week is cabinetry. Here is a wall unit in the dining room.

Here the kitchen (viewed from the breakfast area) takes shape.

These units are in what I call the “mud room,” the rear entrance from the garage.

In the master bath, the vanity is ready to be installed. Note the pencil markings on the wall behind it indicating the placement of sinks.

Tiling of the master bath shower has also been completed.

Upstairs, this unit confirms that the windowed anteroom to the closet in the northwest bedroom will be a dressing room. (There is also a window in the walk-in closet of the southwest bedroom.)

This is the vanity in the Jack-and-Jill bathroom.

There is still little change in the garage apartment except that the dark hardwood flooring has been installed at the top of the stairs, in the landing and porch area; presumably the rest of the apartment will be tiled or carpeted.


Sure enough, 160 Fels Avenue, pictured last week with an endangered house, is now an empty lot.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-15-15

Sunday, November 15, 2015,

Lots of photos today!

308 N. Bayview Street

Although the owners did not in fact move in on Veterans Day, today may well have been my last chance to snoop, as the house is definitely nearing completion. Outside, the front porch has finally been screened.

The stepping stones on the south side (and also those leading from the patio to the north side) have been supplemented and a small terrace created for what presumably will be a fountain.

Inside, the pantry door has also been screened.

Inside the pantry, the “beer fridge” and the washer and dryer have been installed. Unless the “drawer” under the washer is a pull-out step, I think a stool will be required to reach the controls on the dryer!

In the kitchen, the custom front panel has been installed on the dishwasher. Although the refrigerator is still bare, its panels have been prepared and are waiting on the island.

A wide shot of the north side of the kitchen, with range installed, brackets added to the hood, etc.

This photo shows the light fixtures over the island and sink counter area.

In the butler’s pantry, an icemaker and small fridge (wine cooler?) have been added.

In the living room, a ceiling fan has been installed, and a flatscreen TV awaits mounting over the fireplace.

In the dining room, the mystery closet has acquired additional shelves and is now revealed as Media Central, where presumably stereo and wireless equipment will be located.

Venetian blinds have been installed in many of the rooms (here shown in the back bedroom).

A light fixture has been installed in the hall bath.

New light fixtures have also been added over the window seat in the sitting room of the master suite.

The elaborate faucet fixture in the tub of the master bath.

351 N. Summit Street

Siding in the back and brickwork and siding in the front are almost complete.

On the side, the center opening in the living room wall is revealed as a fireplace rather than a door.

111 Magnolia Avenue

A closer shot of the front porch showing the steps added along with the front walk.

In the back, fine gravel now covers the entire area around the pool and between house and garage. The protruding corrugated tubing is as yet a mystery.

This stack of bricks suggests the treatment that awaits the bottom of the column on the right (this is the back porch of the garage apartment).

Inside, the story this week is flooring. The entire downstairs (except for the mudroom and laundry room, which have brick floors) has been floored with dark wood.

Even the master bath has a hardwood floor. The bathroom has been painted, obliterating the pencil schematic on the east wall, but the instructions on the north wall have temporarily been left visible.

The same flooring has been laid on the stair landing and in the upstairs hall but not in the bedrooms, which will be carpeted.

The small hall bath now has a tile floor, and the same tile has been used in the upstairs sitting room (the one with a balcony in the back).

Going, Going…

This house at 160 Fels Avenue had been on the market for quite some time, in recent month advertising “Reduced Price.” Various websites estimated its value at $158,000, $259,900, $272,830, and $296,596. One site also reported that it sold on August 15 for $250,183. Public records show that it was built in 1938 and has three bedrooms and one full bath. Even pages that displayed the public records information also claimed it had two bedrooms. Well, it’s a small home (957 SF), and, despite its “beautiful oversized back yard that is canopied by large live oak trees” and a “A 12×24 workshop out back,” and even though the home “has been totally updated with granite in kitchen, travertine & granite in bath, hardwood floors, and built-in bookcases,” photos of its other rooms are discouraging, so I suppose it is no surprise to see a backhoe in the front yard.


I was stunned to walk past the site of this home on N. Summit last week (which I could have sworn had been there the previous week, albeit on the market for quite some time) and see that it had completely vanished. No trace of its presence remained; grass covered the entire lot.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-8-15

Sunday, November 8, 2015,

Not a lot to report this week, and mostly exterior photos.

308 N. Bayview Street

The house is now securely locked up, so I have only exterior shots. From peeking in windows, however, I would guess that a November 11 move-in date is not going to be feasible. A back-door neighbor I ran into (also “snooping around”) thought even Thanksgiving might be optimistic and was putting his money on Christmas!

The trailer in the front yard tells the tale of what’s going on this week, with stepping stones added on either side of the patio.

At the north lot line, a concrete-block wall has been constructed behind the existing shrubbery.

351 N. Summit Street

From the rear approach, siding on the back of the house is visible.

In front, brickwork nears completion.

111 Magnolia Avenue

The front walk was poured on Wednesday, and brick paving is beginning.

At the east lot line, a retaining wall is being constructed.

Inside, the brick pavement of the mudroom and laundry room has been mortared.

Most of the progress this week has been in tile work, here just beginning in the master bathroom shower.

The floor of the Jack-and-Jill bath has been completed, as have the floor and shower of the upstairs master bath.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 11-1-15

Sunday, November 1, 2015,

I won’t make any promises with regard to snow or gloom of night (and heat is not really an issue right now), but a little rain did not stay me from my appointed rounds—some of them, anyway (most of these photos were taken yesterday).

204 N. Bayview Street

A new development here: a gate at the front end of the carport. Also shown, the view from the back (with no cars in residence), the “outdoor kitchen” bundled up in its raincoat.

308 N. Bayview Street

Caps have been added to the porch railing posts, and light fixtures have been installed on either side of the front door.

In the back, the patio and steps, walk, retaining wall have been completed. A view from the back veranda and a close-up of the steps to the carport.

I was fortunate to find another son of the owners “snooping” (his term), so I was able to get inside. He was impressed with progress since he’d last visited a month or so ago and said he thought his parents planned to move in on Veterans Day. The most obvious changes were in the kitchen, where range, ovens, dishwasher, and refrigerator have been installed (laundry appliances also waited on the veranda). It appears that the dishwasher and fridge will have custom front panels.

This light fixture in the butler’s pantry is new.

The toilet and faucet have been installed in the powder room (but no mirror or light fixture yet).

In the master bath, the medicine cabinets have been completed and a light fixture installed.

351 N. Summit Street

On Saturday brick masons were at work, and siding has also been installed in some of the less accessible spots.

On Sunday, these clapboards were out in the rain (another pile was inside), but presumably they are made to handle a little weather!

111 Magnolia Avenue

Grading in front of the garage has progressed.

Plumbing for the pool (and possibly the garage apartment as well) is very complex.

A brick veneer has been added to the hot tub, and it appears that slabs of stone will form a seat.

On the front porch, a stack of bricks awaits an unknown application.

Inside, however, the fate of a lot of bricks is revealed, paving the “mud room” entrance from the garage and the laundry room.

Inside, a frame has been made for the tub in the master bathroom.

Shelving has been added to the two walk-in closets in the master suite; this is the smaller one.

A stained ceiling has been added to the front alcove. From the paint color, it appears this may be one of the “reading rooms” noted on the paint chip shown on September 27.

It appears that a carpet selection has been made for the taupe (NW upstairs) bedroom.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 10-25-15

Sunday, October 25, 2015,

A few interesting developments, plus some lagniappe at the end.

308 N. Bayview Street

The railing of the front steps and landing has been mostly completed (still awaiting caps on the posts), and the last lattice section under the porch installed.

Grading in the back yard has been so intensive that not one but two Bobcats were required.

When I visited Saturday, workers were completing installation of a stone patio and had already constructed a walkway between the retaining wall and the carport, with another graceful flight of steps there.

This stone stoop provides a step up to the back veranda.

Inside, workers were painting the French doors opening onto the porch and between the dining room and living room (not pictured). Throughout the house, drawer and cabinet hardware has been installed.

In the master bath, mirrors have been added to the medicine cabinet doors, and a glass shower door has been installed.

The mystery of the strange drawers is (sort of) solved. As I suspected, they are vertical, one on each side of the range, but what are they for? Long cooking implements?

Another mystery is this closet in the dining room. It has what looks like a bench seat and what appears to be wiring. Perhaps a wine cooler will rest on the shelf?

351 N. Summit Street

Seeing this heap of sand, one might guess what comes next.

Sure enough, a sign for Diamond Masonry has joined this display, and brick masons have been at work. No sign yet of any painting, however. As previously mentioned, builder Vance McCown is building this house as his personal residence. The architect is his son Robert McCown.

Judging from the limited extent of the brick veneer, I am assuming that these clapboards will probably cover the rest.

I was intrigued by these spare (?) stair stringers leaning in a corner under the stairs. Is another staircase planned?

Upstairs, the window(s) over the putative spa tub have been installed. Oddly, however, although the large boxed windows and sliding glass doors have vanished, they have not been installed anywhere.

Note the whimsical turned-up overhang over these windows on the outside.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Outside, grading around the pool has progressed (and the pile of dirt by the street is gone), and tile has been added around the edges of the pool and hot tub.

Inside, tile has also been applied in the Jack-and-Jill bathroom…

…and in the shower of the bathroom of the upstairs “second master suite.”

Most of the noticeable interior change is in wall painting. This bedroom (the northwest corner one) is taupe.

The southwest corner bedroom gets a jolt of aquamarine on one wall.

The next deliberation is over carpet for the NWC bedroom.

The porch of the garage apartment is shaping up nicely.

Lest we lose sight of the bigger picture, a couple of shots of the more or less complete front elevation. The windows on the first floor, from left to right, are breakfast room, living room (in the covered porch), sunny alcove, and master bathroom. On the second floor, the bedroom with the aqua wall is on the left. In the center is a bedroom with doors opening on the upstairs porch. On the right are the bedroom and bath of the “second master suite.”


Having taken most of my photos yesterday, today I detoured slightly from my usual route to check on the progress of construction at 52 N. Church Street, which I found had changed only slightly since I discovered it on August 9. As lagniappe, however, I was treated to a view of the Theater Building at Church Street and Fairhope Avenue in downtown Fairhope, the exterior now complete and all the scaffolding removed.

When the old Village Square building (originally home of the Magnet Theater) burned in 2010, there were hopes that the historic building, built of bricks from Clay City Tile in 1924, could be salvaged, but it was ultimately deemed irreparable. Demolition seemed to take forever, but in 2012 it was announced that a new Theater Building would rise on the site. Like demolition, construction seemed to proceed at a snail’s pace, but in August 2014, the developers announced a projected opening in April 2015. They seem to have missed that deadline; the exterior is complete, but the interior is still just a shell. We will continue to possess ourselves in patience, but I suspect that the former Village Square tenants are not sorry they didn’t wait for a space in the new building. One of them, the Village Square Trophy Shop/East Bay Engraving, moved to Driftwood Park (next to the post office) temporarily before moving into its new home (as Riverbend Gifts) in another new building, the Objects Building, which replaced the vintage Objects building, built in 1924 as Fairhope Garage. The new Objects Building went up much more efficiently, with demolition in 2013 and occupancy in 2014.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 10-18-15

Sunday, October 18, 2015,

Some interesting developments this week—encouraging, discouraging, intriguing.

308 N. Bayview Street

When I passed “Mayhem” yesterday, a painter was working on the screen doors, the porch frame having already been painted. Not previously noticed, and consequently not included in a photo, is the latticework in the gable over the porch.

I saw that the temporary plywood door had been removed from in front of the double entrance doors and locksets installed on those doors, so I was not confident that I would be able to gain access today.

As luck would have it, however, one of the owners’ sons was there with his wife and two boys. They were just leaving and were supposed to lock up but allowed me to gain access briefly for a few photos. I entered, as usual, through the back door.

Behind the house, significant progress has been made in the landscaping (or at least the terraforming of the landscape) with the construction of a retaining wall and graceful steps leading up to the carport.

Inside, most of the kitchen drawers were now in place (though currently without pulls). My initial thought about this drawer (when I saw it in the master bedroom) was that perhaps it would be storage for a mixer or other large appliance (there are mechanisms that can be installed to raise them to counter height), but now, seeing it next to the sink, I’m thinking perhaps it is intended for placement of a small wastebasket.

In the master bath, doors for the “medicine chests” have been created but not painted or installed. I look forward to seeing what sort of light fixture will be connected to those wires!

A tub faucet has been installed but is still shrouded. Presumably it will be similar to these fixtures in the tub-shower of the hall bath.

Any other changes are subtle—painting, installing doorknobs, and the like. I previously mentioned that the owner had told me October 31 was their “drop-dead” date, when they planned to move in even if the house was not complete, but today his son told me that his mother is actually thinking more about getting in by Thanksgiving, which gives the builder a little more slack.

351 N. Summit Street

Outside, a small experiment in brick.

Yesterday a tall stepladder under the small entrance to the attic space of the garage allowed me to take these photos of the space, clearly not intended to be solely an unfinished attic. I did not venture to get up into the attic itself and consequently couldn’t photograph the large window space that is just behind (north of) the opening (that window has not yet been installed). Once again I wondered about the sense of having such an elaborately designed space accessible only via pull-down staircase.

Today, however, I am revising (again) my theories about the “sky bridge” between house and garage. As I walked south on Summit, getting, as usual, my first view of the house from the back, I noticed for the first time that there is a window in the space above the breezeway. Looking at the ceiling of the breezeway, I saw that it had been left open to provide access for installation of the window.

Seeing that, I climbed the ladder to the attic again and took this photo of the wall that marks one end of the “sky bridge.”

The other end, at the top of the stairs in the house, clearly has an opening framed for a door. I can only conclude that the garage attic is planned as expansion space, with a connector that can be opened sometime in the future.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Outside, the story is grading and plumbing around the swimming pool, resulting in a large pile of dirt beside the house on Boise Lane.

Inside, the windows in most of the rooms (this is the living room) have been masked for priming or painting, making the house rather dark.

The plywood has been removed from inside the door to the breakfast room (and also the opening to the powder room).

In the upstairs “second master” bath, the tub, a Kohler “Sunward” model, has been dropped into its frame.

Although it is a deep “soaker” tub, it is neither a whirlpool nor an “air bath.”

The tub that has appeared in the downstairs master bath, on the other hand, is an “air bath,” a Bain-Ultra Meridian 55.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 10-11-15

Sunday, October 11, 2015,

Again this week I have quite a few photos, representing some interesting and occasionally significant developments all round.

308 N. Bayview Street

With the “drop-dead” date of October 31 just three weeks away, workers were busy yesterday at various tasks, and at least the interior bids fair to be completed on time. Outside, the screen doors have been installed on the front porch, and work continues on the stair railings.

To one side, the railings for the steps and top landing are painted and awaiting installation.

These painted hollow posts will surround the metal stanchions that are being bolted to the brick steps and landing.

In the back, painting of the carport continues, and grading has marked out a terrace area to be paved, plus what appears to be some sort of runoff channel.

On the north side, near the bathrooms, this Navien tankless water heater has appeared.

Inside, yesterday’s work included installing many of the traditional glass doorknobs throughout the house. Shown below, knobs on the closets in Bedroom 3 and a close-up of the knobs on the linen closet outside the hall bathroom.

In the powder room, the lavatory has been installed under the counter and a marble backsplash added.

No toilet in the powder room, but this one has been installed in the master bath and an identical one in the hall bath.

Both of those bathrooms also have faucet handles now; although the ones in the hall bath are swaddled, I’m guessing they’re the same as the ones in the master bath.

In the master bathroom, twin “rain” shower heads and a handle have been installed.

When I visited yesterday, workers had the two entrances to the south end of the house (the living room, dining room, kitchen, and pantry) sealed off with plastic although I think spraying had been completed. They seemed to be installing drawer hardware in the kitchen. The master bedroom was the temporary repository for most of the drawers, including these two intriguing models.

When I returned today, I was able to get access to the kitchen and take stock of progress. To start, here’s a shot of the entire kitchen for orientation purposes. The windows look out on the back yard, facing the carport, and there is a glass door (left background) opening onto the back veranda. The entrance from the foyer is to the left, just outside the photo (it can be seen in one of the photos below), and the door at the far right is to the pantry.

What first caught my eye was the new granite backsplash under the range hood.

If I had to guess, I’d say that these handsome brackets will probably (appear to) support the range hood.

Around the refrigerator space, an opening for some 220V appliance, as well as a 100 outlet in the space below, plus a tray/platter rack and loads of drawers.

The arched doors in kitchen and butler’s pantry cabinets have been glazed.

In the pantry, cabinet doors have been installed and more kitchen drawers await.

351 N. Summit Street

The big news this week is that most of the windows have been installed. Their color, as seen from a distance, is deceptive; a closer inspection shows that they are protected by blue plastic film.

Inside, a few of the larger windows await installation.

Now that the windows have been installed, the temporary floor above the stairwell has been removed and a temporary railing added.

In the breezeway, a ceiling is being constructed.

111 Magnolia Avenue

The first thing I noticed was that a door (complete with lockset) had been installed in the doorway that opens to the breakfast room (the area is still covered with plywood inside). Some steps will be needed to make this useful!

In front, the front door has also been installed.

Inside, this lumber on the living room floor is intriguing.

The ceiling of the living room alcove (which faces Magnolia Avenue, east of the front entry) has been painted black, and the master bedroom ceiling is now white.

No progress in the master bath, but I don’t think I have previously focused on the attractive cove molding here.

Upstairs, in the bathroom of the east bedroom suite (what I think of as the “second master suite”), a tub has been placed.

A view of the pool area from the upstairs porch of the garage apartment.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 10-4-15

Sunday, October 4, 2015,

I have a LOT of photos this week, so bear with me!

308 N. Bayview Street

In front, the beginnings of construction of railings around the landing at the top of the steps to the porch.

In back, no more progress on the carport (no painting inside), but it is clear that the half-wall will be painted grey to match the exterior.

Inside, most of the work this past week has been on the floors, most of which have been stained and sealed, then covered with protective cardboard.

Narrow double doors have been installed in the master bath and closet doorways.

In the master bath, sinks and faucets (but not faucet handles) have been installed.

In the powder room, a stone top has been added to the lavatory frame, with an opening for the oval vitreous china sink currently waiting on the floor below.

In the back hall, a prepared threshold waits to replace a temporary 1×4.

The living room has been cleared of woodworking equipment, allowing an unobstructed view of the still-unfinished flooring.

In the kitchen, a worker was spraying (by my guess) a light coat of polyurethane varnish on unpainted drawers.

351 N. Summit Street

Downstairs, the living room is filled with lumber, much of it salvaged.

Throughout the downstairs, bundles of windows lean against walls. The label on one package gives the specs.

Sure enough, the stairs have been roughed in, permitting exploration of the upstairs.

A hard hat is recommended for ascending the stairs, however!

Upstairs, it’s clear that the head-threatening ceiling of the stairwell is a temporary floor left in place to permit easier installation of windows, drywall, etc.

The following photos illustrate the layout of the second floor as I understand it. Standing at the head of the stairs, we can see the master bedroom on the left and the second bedroom on the right, with a loft above. The area at the top of the stairs (outside the bedrooms) will, I think, be a small sitting room. The center door, between the bedrooms, in the center of the house, opens to the laundry room.

A very steep ladder provides access to a loft (I’m guessing this might be a sleeping area for visiting grandchildren) and a walk-in attic.

These two photos show the back (north) and front (south) ends of the master bedroom, each with two small closets. The door to the right in the second photo leads to the bath/dressing area.

Here at the front of the house is the elevated “throne room.” From examining the plumbing, my guess is that there will be a toilet room on one side (east) and a shower on the other. (The shower is the source of the protruding knuckle of plumbing we saw last week.) Between them, under the window, perhaps a garden tub.

Looking from the putative tub area, we see a large open space with enclosed rooms on either side. Judging again from the plumbing, I’m guessing that the enclosed rooms will be walk-in closets, each with a lavatory counter outside, plus a dressing table east of the closet door on the north side (toward the back of the house and entrance from the bedroom).

The second bedroom has a modest closet (sliding doors, probably) and a full bath en suite.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Sometime during the past week (I think it was Friday that I saw cement mixers at the site), the pool has been filled in.

This frame beside the garage will probably become a concrete pad for garbage cans.

Inside, there’s little sign of progress—no tile work as yet: it appears that painting is the first priority, with cans of paint much in evidence and yet another set of test swatches.

The main (east) bedroom upstairs has become a door store, with ten interior doors painted and ready for installation.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 9-27-15

Sunday, September 27, 2015,

A lot of gradual progress and one big surprise this week.

308 N. Bayview Street

Outside, lattice has been inserted in the foundation openings under the porch, and the interior of the carport, including newly installed doors to the storage areas, has been primed.

Inside, sanding of the floors is nearly complete. Below, a few examples in the foyer (not completed), back hall, hall bath, and master bedroom. (Compare the floor in the master bedroom to the photo in my July 4 post, when the room was filled with salvaged doors.)

In the kitchen, the cabinetmaker was working today to finish installing cabinet doors. The arched doors here had been removed to have glass installed. By the way, I asked the cabinetmaker about the small benches, and he said they were for his own use, because he has a bad back and can’t stand for extended periods.

351 N. Summit Street

The roof has been extended to cover the rafter extensions, creating deep eaves.

We may have access to the upstairs next week, as stringers for the stairs to the landing have installed, and the stringers for the flight from the landing to the second floor are waiting on the landing.

Under the eaves, a glimpse of upstairs plumbing.

111 Magnolia Avenue

The most stunning development this week is the excavation and framing of an in-ground pool, with hot tub.

Repairs have been made on this damaged corner.

Inside, the destination of the bricks in the front yard is revealed. This is the breakfast room adjacent to the kitchen.

Doors have been installed from the house to the downstairs back porch and both upstairs porches.

In the master bath, pencil schematics show the location of the lavatories and other fixtures.

Test color swatches are still being added, but some color choices have been made (the first sampler has “Jack & Jill bathroom” and “accent Liv Rm” marked; from the second we learn that the small room opening onto the back upstairs porch is the Reading Room).

This mysterious incision appears in the foyer of the east bedroom upstairs.

In the garage apartment, the function of the understair cubby is now evident.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 9-20-15

Sunday, September 20, 2015,

Very little noticeable progress except at 308 N. Bayview.

308 N. Bayview Street

When I spoke with the homeowner last week, he told me that October 31 is the “drop-dead” date he has given the builder. On that date, he and his wife plan to move in even if the house isn’t completely finished. At the rate work is going, I think the deadline will be met, but he expressed concern about being able to get to work in the yard. It appears here that a beginning is being made on landscaping and the planned walk and steps from the house to the carport.

The carport exterior has been painted to match the house. The “simple railing” at the back of the carport turns out to be more elaborate than I had envisioned, matching the half-wall around the front porch. (This photo had to be shot straight into the sun, so it is not very good.)

The latticework has been completed and painted.

Here’s a shot of the inside of the carport, finished but not yet painted. This is the outside of the storage area on the south side (last week’s post showed the interior of the north side).

Inside, the major activity this week has been sanding the salvaged floors, using the abrasive compound and sanding disks and belts shown here.

You can compare these shots of the hallways and hall bathroom to those in my posts for March 1, June 7, June 28, and July 4.

In the kitchen, sure enough, the door to the pantry has been painted grayish-green (the homeowner said last week that white was not its final color), matching the accent trim elsewhere in the kitchen.

Faucets have been installed in the kitchen sink and wet bar, and the cabinet doors and drawer fronts in the butler’s pantry have been stained.

In the master bath, openings for sinks and fixtures have been cut in the sideboard/vanity.

Outside, a trough above the French drain has been filled with gravel (and I inadvertently captured a self-portrait).

351 N. Summit Street

No discernible changes this week. I did take advantage of a well-placed and sturdy ladder to climb to the second floor (a scary adventure I won’t be repeating), and I did take a few pictures, but the floor plan was so confusing that I not try to describe or illustrate it until there are stairs and wallboard.

111 Magnolia Avenue

I had to really hunt for anything to report this week. The most noticeable change on the outside was that the attractive (but carelessly damaged) brick driveway has been taken up (perhaps to be relaid), and, on an unrelated note, four pallets of bricks have been delivered in front of the house, perhaps to be used for a walkway.

Inside, risers have been installed on the top half of the staircase.

In one of the west bedrooms, there are test paint swatches, and shelves have been installed in the linen closet outside the hall bathroom on the east end (I did say it was a stretch to find anything to report!).

In the garage apartment, door frames and baseboards have been painted. Indeed, trim painting seems to be about the only change in the whole house.


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