Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-24-15

Sunday, May 24, 2015,

Very little to report this week.

204 N. Bayview

Posts for a handrail have been added to the steps and a landing pad outlined.

This outside shower (on the south wall outside the master bathroom) even includes a foot washer (the door is the one removed from the outbuilding in back).

I’m curious about what will go in this box on south wall of the front porch.

308 N. Bayview

The beaded ceiling has been stained.

This close-up shows framing for a light switch in the front hall.

351 N. Summit

A detail I overlooked last week is the lip at the end of the parking area. Is this just a barrier to entry (to cars or rainwater runoff), or will the space behind it be filled in with bricks or other pavers?

The main slab shows areas for two porches (one will be an entry).

112 N. Summit

Maybe not “all done” after all. During the past week a truck from a “screen room” builder was in the driveway, and these piles of sand and bricks in the back yard suggest further work on the “patio.”

111 Magnolia Avenue

The roof has been raised on the “garage.”

The purpose of the “mysterious objects” reported on three weeks ago now becomes evident; they’re support columns for the front porches.

Neighborhood Improvements

Saturday, May 23, 2015,

This post is a collection of “upgrades” to homes in the neighborhood within the past year or so.

The most recent development is a major addition to the house at 59 N. Summit Street.

This Google Street View image shows the “before.”

Another major improvement is the new carport, driveway, fence, and entry gate at 358 N. Summit (showing Before and After).

A recent addition to the yard at 113 North Avenue (currently on the market) is this handsome bench. Although it is currently painted black, I am almost positive it was bright red when it first appeared.

The concrete front walk and asphalt driveway at 6 N. Summit Street are seen below in this 2011 Google Street View image.

The new brick walk and brick-edged gravel driveway (along with new sod) are a huge improvement.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-17-15

Sunday, May 17, 2015,

Progress is being made by baby steps.

204 N. Bayview

The porch columns have been completed.

308 N. Bayview

The emphasis inside is on woodwork. Paneling has been added in the front hall, and window and door frames and crown molding have been added in most other rooms.

The salvaged doors have been marked with dimensions.

351 N. Summit

Surprise! The Summit side of the lot has been landscaped.

Last week’s framing has been realized in a front walk (with parking space) and a driveway.

112 N. Summit

All done. The concrete culvert has vanished (perhaps underground?), and the bare patches at the front have been sodded.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Exterior painting continues. It appears that perhaps a brick veneer is planned for the first floor.

Whoa! This outbuilding is clearly more than a garage.

As expected, the second-floor porches have been floored. The pile of white-painted tongue-and-groove lumber has vanished, and I can only guess that it was used for these floors. Since I thought a white floor was improbable, I’d pegged them as ceiling material—just goes to show how much I know!

A view of the “garage” from the upstairs back porch.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-10-15

Sunday, May 10, 2015,

Not much to report this week.

204 N. Bayview

The side porch is now revealed to be the landing for a spiral staircase. Although this will be a practical fire escape, I can also envision it for a bride’s dramatic entrance.

In the rear, a brick-framed pavement is being constructed between buildings.

308 N. Bayview

The carport roof has been shingled.

351 N. Summit

The slab has been poured, and framing for proposed structures seems to be all over the lot.

112 N. Summit

The back fence has been completed, the portable toilet has been removed, and another moving van spent most of Friday in front of the house. Although the City’s Water Department was onsite during the past week (digging up the street again), the concrete pipes remain.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Framing for the garage has finally begun.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 5-3-15

Sunday, May 3, 2015,

Several interesting developments this week.

204 N. Bayview

Surprise! The front porch has been screened. When I passed, a worker was preparing to install painted sections of railing (including one of the fancier sections for the upstairs porch).

308 N. Bayview

No noticeable changes outside, but inside, beaded ceilings have been installed (including in the front hall, replacing its vintage beadboard). In the master bathroom, the de rigueur whirlpool bath is in place, and the shower has been tiled. In accordance with the homeowners’ desire to reuse as many as possible of the original doors, they have been assembled, ready for refinishing—glass doors in the master suite’s walk-in closet and solid doors in the room on the northwest corner.

351 N. Summit

The site has been prepared for pouring of the slab, a design I have never before seen.

112 N. Summit

This may well be our last visit to this site. During the past week, sod was laid, and a moving van was parked in front of the house all day yesterday. On the other hand, there were no lights on in the house last night, the men working at the house this morning did not appear to be the homeowners, a fence is under construction in the back yard, the portable toilet has not been removed (not to mention the large pipes), and an unsodded dirt area seems to promise a parking area. And the corrugated drainage tubing is still exposed in the side yard.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Outside, painting continues. Inside, there is little noticeable change. Boards have been laid on the roofing felt that covers the upstairs porches, presumably as foundation for a more substantial floor. The garage/outbuilding slab as seen from the back upstairs porch. The north entry porch is covered in sawdust and also contains these mysterious objects. Inside, lengths of white-painted tongue-and-groove, presumably the subject of the sawing, will probably become a ceiling.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-26-15

Sunday, April 26, 2015,

Another uneven week.

204 N. Bayview

The front steps have been completed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a “before” photo of this outbuilding (just some shots taken through the windows), but comparison of the three photos below to the April 2011 Google Maps “street view” from the alley plainly shows that the exterior has been entirely renovated to match the house. New windows and a door have been installed (the old door is leaning against a wall nearby).

Photos taken through windows show that cabinetry is being stockpiled.

This shot taken through the master bathroom window shows the reflection in mirrored cabinet doors.

308 N. Bayview

The front porch screen framing has been completed, and most of the exterior of the house has been primed. Otherwise, there is no noticeable change.

351 N. Summit

Changes are subtle, if any.

This photo of the house to the north clearly shows that the new house, when completed, will cut off most sunlight from the south, shading 355 N. Summit most of the day.

112 N. Summit

This house is clearly coming down the home stretch. During the past week, garage doors were added and the driveway, the front walk, and a back patio poured. It appears that all that remains to be done is the landscaping.

We now see the purpose of the corrugated tubing.

But I hope that final grading and landscaping will provide a more suitable treatment for this end.

Inside, finishing appears to be almost entirely complete except for general cleaning (floor installation left all the surfaces quite dusty). An electrician who came while I was there (and said he’d been working on the house “way too long”) was installing the last light bulbs, and a next-door neighbor, who came over when she saw the electrician’s truck, confirmed that the homeowners expect to move in next week.

Finally, the mystery of the glass doors is solved. As I had more or less expected, they have been installed in the entrances to the laundry room and pantry.

111 Magnolia Avenue

A little more siding and some trim paint are the only discernible changes.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-19-15

Monday, April 20, 2015,

The house at 112 N. Summit is definitely the star this week, advancing by leaps and bounds, but small advances have also been made at the other properties.

204 N. Bayview

A decorative railing is being added to the upstairs porch.

It appears that the front porch will be accessed via steps in the front, raising doubts about the purpose of the lower level of the porch to the south.

These shots through back windows give a glimpse of the master bath/closet area.

The blocked and false windows at the southwest corner indicate the location of the walk-in closet seen in the far background of the photo above.

308 N. Bayview

The addition of narrow uprights to the porch indicates that it will, like its predecessor, be screened.

All the door openings in the house have been sealed, presumably to control humidity (a significant issue after a week of rain).

Progress on the garage continues.

351 N. Summit

At last, framing for the foundation has begun.

This side view gives an idea of how much the lot has been raised.

112 N. Summit

The first thing one notices on entering from the garage is wood flooring, which is in a state of partial completion throughout the house (some rooms completed, others not begun, some half-done).

In the kitchen, appliances have been installed. The refrigerator, gas range, and (electric) double ovens are LG, the dishwasher KitchenAid.

As in the kitchen, faucets (and also toilets) have been installed in all the bathrooms.

On the counter in the hall bathroom is a grab bar, not yet installed. Its presence is consistent with the handicapped-accessible shower stall.

The master bathroom boasts brass faucets (all the rest are nickel-finish).

The upstairs and Jack-and-Jill bathrooms finally have light fixtures, but there is still no mirror in the latter (the medicine cabinet upstairs has been temporarily removed from the upstairs bath).

The etched-glass doors have been moved but still not installed.

In the laundry room, the laundry tub has been installed, and the Maytag dryer awaits installation (perhaps pending arrival of the matching washer).

I had not previously noticed this thermostat, but I now realize it is for a tankless water heater.

The water heater is not visible anywhere inside, so I suspect it is behind this panel.

111 Magnolia Avenue

After a week of rain, it’s not surprising that little progress has been made on the outside—just a few more areas covered with siding. If there was any change in the interior, I could not detect it.

I’m perplexed by this enclosure under the stairs. Perhaps it is just temporary, as it seems that surely the opportunity to utilize storage space here would not be wasted.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-12-15

Sunday, April 12, 2015,

A lot going on this week—prepare to scroll!

204 N. Bayview

With warmer weather and a couple of rainy days, volunteer landscaping has sprung up all over the site, as here by the southwest corner.

The front porch has been tiled (the uncovered portion is protected with a plastic sheet).

308 N. Bayview

Shingling of the roof and exterior siding and trim are now complete.

A view of the completed chimney.

Permanent porch steps have been built.

First steps in an attempt to replicate the historical color of the house?

Work on the carport continues apace.

351 N. Summit

Oh, okay, a shot of the broad expanse of red dirt, ready for building.

112 N. Summit

A great deal to report this week, starting with changes outside. It appears that work preliminary to grading for the driveway is being done. Presumably the corrugated piping has something to do with drainage.

A small deck has been built outside the side door (which opens into the “keeping room”).

Inside, we find beautiful countertops (and a double sink) in the kitchen.

This space is just waiting for a slide-in gas range.

The master bath tub is now also settled on a base of what—cultured marble, granite, Corian? I confess my ignorance.

Across from the tub, the new counter with its twin sinks.

The completed shower stall.

Hardware (towel rods, TP holders) has been added to all the bathrooms.

In the loft (“game room”) and “bonus room” synthetic wood flooring has been laid.

Tiling around the hearth is in progress. The cable jack between the two sconces suggests that a clock will not be the mantel’s central feature.

Similarly, this set-top box in Bedroom 4 (previously surmised to be a library/study) suggests that this may be a den/media room.

There’s another one in the master bedroom.

In the “keeping room,” the stair bannisters have been added.

The contents of the keeping room—Kohler toilets, Moen and Delta sink and shower fixtures, and a Mustee 17F Utilatub laundry tub—suggest what we’ll see accomplished next week.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Interior work seems to be confined to plumbing, wiring, and HVAC. Outside, clapboards and shingles have been applied to additional portions.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-5-15

Monday, April 6, 2015,

A lot of photos this week: be patient!

204 N. Bayview

The plan for the porch is now revealed. These tiles, with a brick border, will be practical and look lovely.

Steps have now been added to the back stoop.

308 N. Bayview

With the completion of the chimney, roofing has resumed around it.

Temporary steps facilitate access to the front of the house.

As can be seen from this photo, the porch floor is currently also quite temporary.

This week’s interior addition is drywall. The photos below show the living room with fireplace and the front room (the one with the cantilevered bay) that was pictured last week to illustrate the foam insulation.

The carport has been framed. The shed at left is currently storing salvaged lumber to be used in the renovation and will be demolished when construction is complete.

351 N. Summit

Grading has continued, but smooth red dirt isn’t very photogenic, so there’s no photo. When I walked on Friday because the gym was closed for Good Friday, there were surveyors at the site.

112 N. Summit

Today’s report is mostly about tile. The floors of the kitchen, laundry room, and all the bathrooms had been tiled and barricaded against entry, requiring me to alternate between front door and garage entrance to get access to the entire house. (I apologize for the fuzziness of some of the photos; I’m not sure whether it’s me or the camera.)

Here’s the kitchen.

The laundry room.

The master bath.

The Jack-and-Jill bath.

The hall bath.

The upstairs bath.

These cabinets have been added to the Jack-and-Jill bath, which is still awaiting installation of a mirror and light fixture.

Finally, a railing has been added to the loft (designated as “game room” on the plans), so I need no longer worry about getting too close to the edge and falling off!

The stairs have been completed and finished off with these handsome newel posts.

This is probably not what you think of when you hear the word “pantry,” but isn’t it wonderful?

111 Magnolia Avenue

The garage slab has finally been poured, and siding (clapboard and shingles) has been added to some more of the exterior. If there were any interior developments, I didn’t discern them.

Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 3-29-15

Sunday, March 29, 2015,

A mixed bag today.

204 N. Bayview

Not much visible exterior change (a carpenter was working in the house, so I didn’t snoop much). Although there are no back steps yet, this brick stoop has been built.

308 N. Bayview

The chimney has been topped off with this whimsical tent.

Installation of foam insulation has begun.

The concrete slab has been poured for the carport and outside storage area. I ran into the owner and got to talking, so I neglected to take a photo. What I did learn (duh!) is that there is an alley behind the house, so the carport will be accessed from the rear. The owner said the raised area in the back with be terraced, with a retaining wall and steps to reach the carport.

351 N. Summit

No change except that the trench has been filled.

112 N. Summit

No further progress in the kitchen, but here’s a better view of the cabinets in the sink area, with fluorescent lighting under each cabinet.

The “platform” in the master bath has now been revealed as a surround, which has been cut to receive the tub, and mirrors and light fixtures are in place.

The sink, counter, mirror, and light fixture have also been installed in the hall bath.

The medicine chest has been installed in the upstairs bath. The area above the tub has been prepped for tiling, and the waiting tiles are white marble.

These two views of the laundry room make me wonder where there will be room for an ironing board.

The concrete floor of the sun porch has been painted.

111 Magnolia Avenue

More progress toward pouring the slab for the garage.

Siding and shingles have been added to this gable.


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