Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-26-17

Very little to report today, I’m afraid.

352 N. Summit Street

The staircase has been finished.

The space I identified as a “linen closet” in the hall bath upstairs now has this built-in.

Aside from those two changes, I could not identify anything else new in the house: the hearth was still in its crate; the oven and range have to await countertop; the tile in the bathrooms has not been grouted; no more flooring has been completed.

351 N. Summit Street

Cabinetry has been installed in the kitchen, along with the sink. Men were working in the living and dining rooms on some kind of finishing.

59 N. Summit Street

Men were at work toward the back of the house, but the staircase and loft, reportedly slated for demolition, are still in place.

Here’s the best shot I could get of the side addition (surrounding foliage makes photography difficult).

Work seems to be currently focused on the addition in back.

Shooting into the sun didn’t help this photo, but it gives a bit of an idea of the overall building.

111 Magnolia Avenue

This house is for sale. Readers who followed the progress of its construction may be interested in looking at exterior and interior photos of the finished house here.

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Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-19-17

Lots of interesting new developments this week!

352 N. Summit Street

The big story this week is cabinetry, but I’ll start with this photo that you may be able, with difficulty, to make out as the still-boxed stone hearth.

It will be laid in this space in front of the fireplace.

The kitchen has been transformed with the addition of an island and other cabinetwork. Although the row of windows provides welcome natural light, it does reduce the number of upper cabinets to just one above the refrigerator.

Presumably this dearth of cupboards will be compensated for by this generous pantry.

One of the cupboards is (I’m guessing) a pullout rack for a wastebasket. Just to the right of that is the sink, and to its right the dishwasher (see next photo).

The island will house the oven and stovetop. The latter will be the GE Café™ Series 36″ Built-In Gas Cooktop. Behind it will be the GE Universal 36″ Telescopic Downdraft System in lieu of an overhead range hood.

In the laundry room, the cabinet configuration indicates that washer and dryer will both be front-loaders. There is ample upper-cabinet storage here.

In the box on this cabinet in the laundry room is the Patras sink that will be installed there.

In the master bathroom, a double vanity is in place.

The master bedroom is providing door storage. I will be looking forward to seeing where the salvaged French doors end up.

There is no vanity in the powder room (it will be recalled that a pedestal lavatory is slated to go there), but the uninstalled stair treads have been moved here, along with tiles that may be intended for the laundry room floor.

Some of those treads, however, have been installed at the foot of the staircase. The rest of the risers are stacked up here.

Upstairs, a railing has finally been installed, reducing my concern about falling down the stairs on my way to the middle bedroom. Presumably the balusters downstairs will be the same.

At the top of the stairs is what I’m calling the “break room,” since the plans indicate it will contain a sink, a small fridge, and (above the fridge) a microwave oven.

In the en suite bathroom (adjacent to the center bedroom), a vanity has been installed.

This photo shows the upstairs hall, looking from the front bedroom toward the back bedroom. The door on the right is to the hall bath. At the end of the unfloored area is the landing (the newel post at the top of the stairs can be seen on the left), with the “break room” to the right and the short hallway to the center bedroom on the left. By next week perhaps flooring in the hallway and bedrooms will be complete.

The hall bathroom sports this attractive dresser-style vanity. Surprisingly, since it serves two bedrooms, it will have only one lavatory.

351 N. Summit Street

Screen framing has been added to the screened porch. Workers from Deas Millwork were at work inside, and a truck from T.J.’s Quality Painting had just left (T.J.’s Facebook page has photos of this house, with more promised soon).

59 N. Summit Street

During the week, some of the roof decking had been removed, but now it has been replaced and extended to cover the addition.

As this full dumpster implies, substantial demolition is going on. When I stopped by yesterday, I learned that the interior is being essentially gutted and entirely reconfigured; workers told me the staircase and second-floor loft would be torn down to make a two-story great room.

The Gate House

A fence has been added around a side service area.

In my previous photo of the side of the house, the garage door was up; here’s one with it down.

This attractive path leads from the side to the front of the house.

All four lanterns are in place now, with amber glass panels.

Although they appear to contain gas flames, the flickering lights are actually very realistic LEDs.

The house is now finished and available for rental through Mannich Real Estate. See here for details (with interior photos).

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Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-12-17

In which we bid farewell to one project but touch base on several others.

252 N. Bayview Street

The porch railing has been painted, the unwanted/unneeded railing on the steps has been removed, and there is a car in the carport. I think it’s time to stick a fork in this one.

352 N. Summit Street

The tile work that was under way last weekend was nearer completion today, but the first sight that greeted my eyes was flooring. Unable to open the front door, I used one of the French doors in the great room (which was standing ajar), and soon saw why the front door wouldn’t open.

The great room/dining room floor was in progress, as were other downstairs floors. Upstairs, the landing had been completed.

In the master bath, the shower stall awaits grout. I assume that the area above the half wall and seat will be part of a glass enclosure that includes the door.

The floor and shower stall in the upstairs hall bath have also been tiled. The decorative panel and shower floor are paved with actual pebbles that, even after grouting, will presumably provide a nubbly floor surface.

In the en suite bathroom, which is windowless, white subway tile and light-colored floor tile are a sensible choice.

351 N. Summit Street

In the kitchen, shapes hinting at cabinetry have appeared.

59 N. Summit Street

Although I promised a report, I really couldn’t see much today. Clearly, framing has begun on the extension. Driving by during the week, I had gotten a sense that work might also be under way on the second-story addition in back, but I couldn’t see any actual evidence of it.

The Gate House

Two of the (presumably) four lanterns have been installed on the posts, giving the porch a more finished look.

From the porch, I spotted this design in the neighbor’s front yard, created with fallen camellia and azalea blossoms.

Judging from the number of fallen blooms under this camellia, the creator may well be able to fill the heart by Valentine’s Day.

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Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 2-5-17

Very little to report this week, I’m afraid.

252 N. Bayview Street

Move-in has definitely begun. Although it doesn’t appear the owners are yet in residence, many furnishings (including a grand piano) have been moved into the downstairs rooms. This shot through the south side door shows new hanging light fixtures over the kitchen island.

Exterior work is also complete except for some painting.

Here’s a close-up of the balcony with the corrected posts.

These stepping stones from the carport to the back of the house are (relatively) new, I think.

352 N. Summit Street

What appeared to be a husband-and-wife team were at work both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday they were working on the tile in the master bathroom shower.

351 N. Summit Street

No apparent change outside. Inside, a detail I hadn’t previously noticed. Looking through one of the windows, I saw what looked like a brick floor in the foyer. Although this shot through the glass in the front door doesn’t show the floor clearly, what at first appeared to be bricks are actually blocks of wood laid in a diagonal pattern.

120 Kiefer Avenue

The steps have been completed and look very nice. Puzzlingly, the dumpster is gone, so perhaps work on the main house is not in progress after all.

59 N. Summit Street

Work seems to have resumed here. I’ll have a further report next week.

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Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-29-17

Not a lot to report this week on the three sites I’ve been monitoring regularly, but I do have another update on 120 Kiefer Avenue and a few more photos of the Gate House.

252 N. Bayview Street

Yesterday was moving day, at least partially. The items being moved in appeared to be newly purchased furniture from Restoration Hardware. In the photo below, you can see the ginormous (and very heavy) mirrored headboard (which had to go upstairs to the master bedroom) that was giving the movers a hard time.

As can be seen, painting is now almost complete. The balcony railing has not been painted because the posts are not right. When corrected, they will be the same size and style as the columns behind and the pilasters on the first floor. The stair rail beside the front steps is temporary (required by code) and will be removed to make way for planters. Both side entrances have railed steps, and there is a grade-level entrance to the back bedroom.

The copper lantern I speculated about last week has in fact been installed on the front porch. Over time, it will acquire a patina that will almost match the paint color.

I was not the only person observing the move-in. The American Ninja Warriors from next door were also keeping an eye on the process. I had a chance to speak to them the other day when they came to my door selling candy bars to raise money for their school library. It seems the education budget has been cut to the point that only $21 per classroom is allocated for library books!

352 N. Summit Street

The mantel has been installed, and stair treads lean against the wall, ready to be put in service.

In the master bathroom, construction of a shower stall, with two shower heads and a bench, has begun. A “garden tub” will be placed diagonally in the windowed corner.

351 N. Summit Street

No change.

120 Kiefer Avenue

The guesthouse steps are finally being completed and in fact will stretch across the front and around the side (my earlier speculation about flower beds was obviously incorrect).

This diagram shows exactly how they are to be laid.

The dumpster seemed fuller this week, so I can only assume work inside the main house is continuing as well.

The Gate House

Painting by Freedom Construction is complete, along with landscaping by Martiniere Landscaping. Although some details remain to be finished, the house will soon be available to rent through Mannich Real Estate (which now also had a sign in the yard).

Despite my best efforts to damp reflections, these shots through the glass are pretty bad, but you can get some idea of the finished interior.

I am told that Leslie Anne Tarabella will be visiting and writing about the house soon. Her photos will definitely be better than mine!

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Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-22-17

Just a few new photos this week, plus a visit to a site I haven’t written about for a while.

252 N. Bayview Street

Sure enough, the driveway has been poured (it was actually done last Monday), and sod has replaced the big pile of dirt.

The upstairs porch has been screened, and painting of the wood trim has begun.

Sometime when I wasn’t paying attention, the front porch was paved with brick—not showing to best advantage in this shot after the cleaners left.

The house was securely locked up, so I couldn’t go in, but I could see that 2″ wooden Venetian blinds had been hung in all the downstairs bedrooms and also the upstairs extra room (the one identified on the plans as an “attic”).

Through the south side (kitchen) door and the window over the sink in the laundry room, I could see that a washer and dryer have been put in place. They appear to be an older-model Whirlpool Duet.

Since all exterior lighting is already in place, I can only assume that this copper lantern on the kitchen counter will hang somewhere inside, perhaps over the kitchen island.

One of the old AC compressors has been removed, but the other remains in place.

352 N. Summit Street

This week the walls throughout the house were painted a warm beige/tan, shown here (with the previously painted grey-blue ceiling) in the master bedroom.

The mantel awaits installation in the great room.

And this decorative panel between dining room and kitchen turns out to be way cooler than was apparent last week since it is now revealed to be glass.

351 N. Summit Street

The flooring of the screened porch has been completed.

Several vehicles were present, including the owner’s, and the house was wide open, with doors standing ajar and windows flung wide, but the downstairs was deserted (whatever was going on was evidently taking place upstairs), so I didn’t intrude, but I did snap this shot from the screened porch looking into the kitchen. Presumably this hood will be above a kitchen island.

120 Kiefer Avenue

The appearance of a dumpster suggests new activity here, and in fact, peeking around and through blinds, I got the impression that work is being done inside the house.

Meanwhile, the guest house has acquired a flower box, a front porch light, and lighting in the planters around the base, and plants stand ready to be placed.

Inside the guest house, the furnishings now include a bicycle.

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Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-15-17

Not much to report today, but as lagniappe I have a few more photos of the Gate House.

252 N. Bayview Street

Cleaners were working inside, so I didn’t go in, but outside, sure enough, work is about to begin on the driveway.

Excavation for the driveway has resulted in a pile of dirt.

352 N. Summit Street

This week’s progress has been in interior painting. The back hall and upstairs “break room” show the completion of trim on the shiplap wainscoting.

The fireplace has also been surrounded by shiplap.

The ceilings in all the rooms are painted blue, as can be seen more easily in one of the upstairs bedrooms, where the ceiling paint has overlapped the walls.

A couple of shots of the well-appointed walk-in closet in the master suite. How I’d love to have so much well-planned storage!

This decoration over the opening between kitchen and great room is a recent addition.

351 N. Summit Street

Painters were at work inside.

And work has begun on the floor of the screened porch.

The Gate House

I diverged from my usual route to check out progress at the Gate House, where work on the front porch was under way. As can be seen, the stone faced pillars are complete (the detail shows their ornamentation), and some of the fretwork railings had been installed; a painter was at work spraying a length additional fretwork pieces for the rest of the porch.

Across the street, as predicted (and after several days of obstructing and digging up the street), a new fireplug had been installed, along with this obtrusive and unattractive piping. Pagan says perhaps Dean will paint it to look like a dragon.

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