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Both Sides

When I am walking, my brain is often in neutral (or, in cycling terms, freewheeling), so I often “notice” things without actually giving them my full attention. The other day I “noticed” a holiday flag in a neighbor’s yard that … Continue reading


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Chapel of Love

A new addition to a neighbor’s yard caught my eye yesterday. Although it purports to be a birdhouse, it is only a few feet off the ground, so I suspect it’s just a useless lawn ornament. What especially intrigued me, … Continue reading

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Construction Update

As of yesterday the stairs have been installed in the house that replaced the little pink house, so this weekend I should be able to explore the upstairs. On the other construction site, the one that had just been cleared, … Continue reading

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Signs of Recovery?

If housing starts are an indicator of an improving economy, then perhaps it is encouraging that there is a small pile of building materials on one of the cleared lots in my neighborhood. It’s a very small pile, about enough … Continue reading

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Still Intriguing

Last Sunday I wrote about the latest new construction in our neighborhood. Today was the first time I’d gotten a chance to scope it out again—and actually the first time I’d even been out walking since Monday. Tuesday it was … Continue reading

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