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De Gustibus Est Desperandum

Although I have limited experience in book design, I appreciate handsome books. I have a reasonably good eye but no creative imagination, so I especially admire creatively designed books. Conversely, I am dismayed by poorly laid out books (often self-published). … Continue reading

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Color Shift

The house painting mentioned in my previous post got me to thinking about house colors. When we moved to our present neighborhood in 1980, most of the houses that were not brick were painted white, including ours. Ours is still … Continue reading

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Presto, Change-o

Regular readers of this blog (yes, there are a few) will recall that I am not noted for my keen powers of observation, but I was still rather startled, on today’s walk, to see that one of the rental houses … Continue reading

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Dem Boidies

Der spring is sprung Der grass is riz I wonder where dem boidies is? Given our mild climate, we have an abundance of birds year-round. Some may winter here, while others—mockingbirds, mourning doves, blue jays, cardinals, a variety of finches … Continue reading

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Walking vs. Treading

A few months ago, a nearby church (the one with the chimes) opened a new Christian Life Center that houses a wide variety of meeting and recreational facilities. Among these are a walking track (on the second floor above a … Continue reading

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It’s a Girl!

Although the ultrasound technicians had very confidently predicted, based on an initial sonogram, that my new grandchild would be a granddaughter, I wasn’t about to buy anything pink until she actually arrived. I’d heard enough stories of surprises (and disappointments) … Continue reading

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