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Today (like the several previous days) was a very inviting one: in the low 70s, with a light breeze. Will power seemed to be required only to tear myself away from the puzzle our daughter had given us for Christmas. … Continue reading

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No Will Power Required

When I got up Monday morning, it was 31°. Although the temperature eventually rose to 50°, I got so bogged down in Christmas preparations that I never did quite make it out for a walk. Yesterday it was 42° when … Continue reading

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A Christmas Parlor Game

Today as I was walking I amused myself by singing (or trying to sing) Christmas carols. This is an eye-opening exercise. I’m one of those who sing along to most hymns—but especially Christmas carols—with only half an eye on the … Continue reading

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Blogging in the 1940s

It was raining when I got up this morning (and noticeably cooler than yesterday), so I thought I’d have an excuse not to walk. Now the sun is coming out, and the temperature has dropped five more degrees, so I’m … Continue reading

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Our Fickle Weather

About a month ago I wrote that the fickleness of our weather makes it hard to become acclimated to the cold. Several times since then I’ve been tempted to post a follow-up citing actual temperatures to prove that I did … Continue reading

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Walking (not singing, certainly not dancing) in the Rain

Yesterday was definitely not a day for walking. When I came home from my ballet class around 10 a.m., it was nasty out—cold, very windy, not actually raining but looking as if it might at any moment. When I walked … Continue reading

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Feeling Like an Idiot

I could write a blog entry every day with the above title, but today was special. It started with my being thrown out of my normal routine. Ordinarily, I get up, note the time, temperature, and my weight in my … Continue reading

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Walking Fast, Walking Slow

It was 39° when I got up yesterday morning, so I was not sorry that a 7:30 board meeting and a 9:30 meeting with a client would prevent me from walking. The forecast for even colder temperatures last night made … Continue reading

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