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Rushing the Season

Don’t worry—I’m not about to launch into a diatribe about Christmas displays in stores before Halloween. No, the “season” in question is Standard Time. My walking route comes within two blocks of a church that has, in its belfry, a … Continue reading

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October’s Bright Blue Weather

When I was in junior high school, “morning announcements” were broadcast to homeroom classes over the P.A. (public address system or intercom), as I believe is still true (at least in U.S. public schools). The announcements were made, however, not … Continue reading

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Giving Directions

One experience that I dread when walking is the moment when a car pulls up alongside me and the window is rolled down. Inevitably this means that someone is about to ask for directions. I’m pretty hopeless at giving directions … Continue reading

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Silent Running

If you have been hopefully checking this space every day to see if I’ve posted anything of earthshaking import, it won’t have escaped your notice that I haven’t posted anything (worthwhile or not) for two weeks. The last few days … Continue reading

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