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Porpoise on My Tail

“Will you walk a little faster?” said a whiting to a snail,“There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail.”    —Lewis Carroll, “The Lobster-Quadrille,” Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland I finished my walk about two minutes faster this morning … Continue reading

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Celebrity, Neologisms, and the Weirdness of Dreams

For a number of years I’ve been corresponding fairly regularly, first by mail and now by email, with Gene Owens, a journalist formerly with the (Mobile, Alabama) Press-Register and now semi-retired and living in South Carolina. Gene writes a column … Continue reading

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Between the Lines

This morning while walking I noticed how I was automatically stepping over all the seams and cracks in the pavement, unconsciously shortening or lengthening my stride to do this. Why do we do this? I know why I do it. … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Thinking…

Really I have. Unfortunately, none of the things I’ve been thinking have been worth writing about. Or at least I can’t seem to make them “jell” into a reasonable blog post. Since no one is reading this blog, anyway, I … Continue reading

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Walk/Don’t Walk

Although Fairhope is a small town (population about 15,000), it is not so small that we don’t have traffic signals. Indeed, some residents might say we have too many “stoplights.” We also do a very nice line in tree-shaded, flower-bedecked … Continue reading

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Walking and Agility

“Monday’s child is fair of face / Tuesday’s child is full of grace…” As a child born on Tuesday, I kept hoping someday I would be graceful. By the time I learned that the rhyme referred to spiritual grace, I … Continue reading

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House Plans

One of the benefits of walking (as opposed to running, which my husband does and I might do if my arthritic knees would permit it) is that I am able to observe changes in the neighborhood. Someone has planted new … Continue reading

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The Elephant in My Head

I’ve been thinking about elephants a lot lately. Elephants are so massive (one might even say “mammoth,” but I’ll resist the temptation) that it’s not surprising that they make a memorable impression on anyone who has seen one. Not only … Continue reading

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White Nights in Portland

One of the aspects of Portland that took us by surprise (though quite unreasonably since it’s not as if we were ignorant of the phenomenon) was the length of the days. Afternoons seemed to stretch on endlessly, and although our … Continue reading

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Walkable Portland

I was relieved to look back at my last post and see that I had written that I wouldn’t be walking “tomorrow” (i.e., June 25) because we’d be flying to Portland. My recollection was that I’d said I wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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