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Feeling Thankful

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and this year especially I had plenty to be thankful for. Although a bit creaky at times, I am in generally good health, as is my husband of 41 years (and he … Continue reading

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Will Power Weather

You folks in/from the Frozen North can snigger all you like (and, yes, you Midwestern snowbirds, I’m talking to you; I’ve seen you out there in your Bermuda shorts), but when the temperature dips below 50° here on the Gulf … Continue reading

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Blue Angels, Eat Your Hearts Out!

It was drizzling a little this morning when I got up, so I didn’t get out till about 9 a.m. I spent half an hour edging the front walk before leaving the house, and by that time the sun was … Continue reading

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Short Take

Today my walking route included a house where a child’s birthday party was being held. As I passed the inflatable castle, I saw a “clown” (striped shirt, multi-colored fright wig) leading a small crowd of short people in the singing … Continue reading

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Taking Sides

I live in a region where people often finish sentences with “Roll Tide!” or “War Eagle!” Since neither of my alma maters (or almae matres, if you prefer) had a football team, I prefer not to take sides on this … Continue reading

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Seen and Not Noticed

I grew up in an era when children were supposed to be “seen and not heard.” This meant that we were not supposed to bother grown-ups. If our parents had a dinner party, we might be trotted out for brief … Continue reading

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