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Over the Hill and Far Away

Although I don’t want to wish Gustav on anyone, least of all longsuffering New Orleans, I was relieved to see this morning that our area is still well outside the Cone of Probability. Although it was quite warm when I … Continue reading

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Walk/Don’t Walk Revisited

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the city of Fairhope does not have pedestrian crossing signals. That is now changing! As part of the City’s continuing campaign to create a “walkable community,” these signals are currently being installed at … Continue reading

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Fay Fizzles

Well, I didn’t expect to be able to get out for a walk this morning, and in fact I didn’t walk, though in truth I could have. When the radio came on at 6, I looked at the sliver of … Continue reading

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Awaiting Fay

They tell us that T.S. Fay (or perhaps, by the time she arrives, T.D. Fay) is on her way here. She is taking her time. Although her forward speed has increased from 2 mph to 8 mph, it will still … Continue reading

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Back to School

I’ve always maintained that the Jews have it right: the year really does start in the fall, when school starts. The weather is part of this: I always find myself energized by crisp, cool fall days (though we don’t usually … Continue reading

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The Names They Are A-Changin’

On my walk this morning, as I passed the salon where I get my hair cut, I noticed that someone had hung over the doorknob a plastic bag of magazines. [An aside: The bag was the type known as a … Continue reading

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Looking Up

Someone (I think it was my daughter) passed on this wise advice for tourists: Don’t forget to look up. Many of us, when overwhelmed by magnificent architecture or unfamiliar surroundings, tend to look down and around, whether we’re making sure … Continue reading

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A Closer Look

I piqued my own curiosity with yesterday’s post, so this morning I was eager to reexamine some of the things I reported on yesterday. I stopped by the house with the flowers on the lawn and picked up one of … Continue reading

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Breaking Routine

They say (“they” in this case being medical professionals, scientific researchers, and other presumably reliable professionals) that the best way to insure healthful, restorative sleep, intestinal regularity, and general health is to maintain a consistent routine. I believe this. I … Continue reading

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