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Is the postscript obsolete?

I was reading the Letters to the Editor in a magazine this morning (The Rotarian, if you must know), and one of them included a P.S. That got me to thinking, not for the first time, about the logic of … Continue reading

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Not Idling

As you can see, the subtitle of this blog is “Idle thoughts while walking.” In my first post, I established that I’d record any interesting or compelling thoughts I had while taking my daily constitutional. The blog has expanded to … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust

One drawback to walking outside only once a week is that I lose track of what’s going on in my neighborhood. Today I was alarmed to see an excavator in the front yard of the little pink stucco cottage around … Continue reading

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Another Milestone

My brother in Japan called last night (already today for him) to be the first to wish me happy birthday. He commented that now I would be able to go and get a free flu shot. This was a reference … Continue reading

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