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Intriguing Floor Plan

When my husband and I were shopping for our first house (in Decatur, Georgia, in 1975), we became fluent in the jargon used in newspaper real estate ads: “Charming” (“small”), “Quaint” (“has antiquated wiring and plumbing”), “Handyman Special” (“needs a … Continue reading

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Street Scenes

The weather continues pleasant, so I’ve mostly been walking outside. I did go to “the gym” yesterday, feeling a need for the incentive the elliptical machine offers, but I got totally disgusted by the “bad” treadmill (the only one available), … Continue reading

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Coming Through the Rye

Well, maybe not through the rye, but at least beside it. Although our weather has stayed so mild that our lawn grass (predominantly St. Augustine) is still pretty green (or at least would be if it weren’t covered with pine … Continue reading

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Walking after Ida

To reassure my brother in Japan, I will say, “We are still here.” Apparently yesterday was a slow news day and Weather Channel addicts especially may have gotten the idea that “Hurricane” Ida was actually a major and dangerous storm. … Continue reading

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Outside Again

Now that the weather here has finally turned mild (highs in the 70s, breezy), I’ve felt less inclined to go to “the gym” and more eager to get out in the fresh air. A nasty cold kept me in for … Continue reading

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