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The Bluff Is for Lovers

A new amenity appeared on the bluff a couple of weeks ago. Am I the only person who is reminded of this? Advertisements

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Hazards to Navigation

Walking exposes one to many annoyances, not least of which, as I’ve said before, is other pedestrians walking on the wrong side of the street. But there is one stretch of my walking route where I can almost expect the … Continue reading

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A New Wrinkle

Yesterday as I drove past the intersection of Summit Street and St. James Avenue in Fairhope, I was intrigued by what I took to be a new addition to the stop sign, a mysterious yellow contraption on the top. This … Continue reading

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Leaning In

Presumably the trees are stretching toward the light, but what is the utility pole’s excuse?

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No Excuses

I really had every intention of taking at least a test walk yesterday but got embroiled in other activities until it was so late in the day that I begged off. Today, though, despite spinning my wheels for at least … Continue reading

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On Tuesday, October 23, my husband flew to Kansas City on business. Someone on the flight was coughing. By Thursday morning, so was he. By Sunday afternoon, when he returned, he was working on what turned into a really nasty … Continue reading

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Last Sunday’s walk was very pleasant and successful as a walk, exploring new territory, but a disaster from the standpoint of further testing the heart rate monitor of the Garmin Forerunner 405CX. I had experimented with using the HRM in … Continue reading

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