Growing Season

It’s now officially spring, and everything is burgeoning. Although somewhat retarded by severe weather, the azaleas are starting to bloom (side by side with fading camellias). Fruit trees are flowering exuberantly. The live oaks are casting off their year-old garments and donning fresh ones. It’s a great time to be out of doors.

But nature doesn’t have a monopoly on new growth. Houses around here are growing, too. In addition to new construction, at least two houses along my walking route are “busting out all over.”

One that has been on the market with no takers for years has now been gutted and is expanding on both ends. On one end, a small addition that appears to contain multiple rooms is being built. On the other, the existing roof of an enclosed porch has been removed and the roofline raised to match that of the rest of the house, increasing the attic space.

Another house that recently sold is also being remodeled. A wooden rear deck has been removed and replaced by a concrete slab on which an addition is being built. Above, a large shed dormer is being added to the second floor.

Countering the upward and outward trend, however, is one downward example: a new vacant lot at the site of another house that sat on the market for several years without interest (predictably, as it was small and antiquated). But where that house has been demolished, a new one will inevitably rise, adding further interest to the walking scene.

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1 Response to Growing Season

  1. Luc says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Things are also looking up here, spring is almost there.
    My daughter is in the middle of a house seach for the moment. It is very difficult to find a suitable house for someone who aims to buy it on her own. Banks are hesitant to give a loan to singles. The general crisis is not helping. To build from scratch is out of the question, renovation is an option but time and energy consuming. Seems that we had it somewhat easier some thirthy years ago when we baught our house. But then again interest rates where booming in that period.
    So enjoy the early spring.

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