Bright Blue Again

Two years ago I rhapsodized about “October’s bright-blue weather,” and it seems to be here again. I love the clear, crisp days of autumn, and now, after weeks of record-challenging heat and humidity, we are beginning to see a break, with overnight lows verging on chilly, low humidity, a fresh breeze, and cloudless bright-blue skies.

It’s great walking weather, and I’ve been out on the street the past two mornings. I was encouraged by what I saw. Even on the hottest days, there will be some people out. A few dedicated runners and walkers will venture out early in the day. And dog owners are committed (some might say “condemned”) to two excursions a day. Occasionally a homeowner will be mowing the lawn or working in the garden. And of course paid lawn maintenance crews and construction workers have to work every day the weather permits. Not to mention that nothing seems to stop the outdoor chefs from tantalizing us with the aromas wafting from their grills!

But now the weather has become so inviting that it has tempted the children away from their electronic companions. Pairs of young girls are out on their bikes, and half a dozen small boys are kicking a ball around in a neighbor’s yard. It is a pleasure to see them out getting fresh air and exercise, and I can only hope for more as the season progresses.

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