Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 1-11-15

A dismal day, not brightened by the sight of many brown or blackened plants that, perhaps encouraged by unseasonably warm temperatures earlier in the week, did not survive our record low of 17° on January 8. On the other hand, I saw at least eleven homes still displaying cheery holiday decorations of various sorts—wreaths, lights (some turned on), garlands, bows, even a Christmas tree. To be fair, some of the items may have been ostensibly repurposed as Mardi Gras decorations, and the snowman cutouts still seem timely, but I suspect the cold weather may have discouraged people from getting out to remove lights strung on eaves. We were glad to get all ours done on Tuesday (Epiphany), while it was still warm!

It’s possible that the weather, which, even when not actually rainy, has been cold and bleak, has also retarded construction, but some progress was observed.

204 N. Bayview

The lovely smell of fresh paint greets a visitor. Trim has been painted all around the house, even where siding has not yet been applied.

The application of siding appears to have been concentrated in the back of the house.

308 N. Bayview

A new section south of the house has been framed.

351 N. Summit

No change.

112 N. Summit

Exterior trim (soffit and fascia) has been painted here, too. Earlier in the week I saw men on a ladder in front of the dormer, and I thought perhaps they were about to complete the brickwork, but in fact I guess they were just painting the woodwork.

111 Magnolia Avenue

As expected, the second floor has been framed up.

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