Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 6-28-15

Today’s report will be somewhat abbreviated because I got caught in a brief deluge and had to cut my walk short.

204 N. Bayview

The dumpster is gone, the Bobcat is back, and landscaping is in progress. No further report because there were lights on inside and two cars in the carport.

308 N. Bayview

Here’s where it’s happening this week. The general outline of the front walk has been indicated, and the framing for the porch entrance, completed a couple of weeks ago, just caught my attention today.

Brick paving of the back veranda has begun.

Inside, new glass doors awaiting installation are scattered everywhere—in the living room, the front hall, and a closet. (Old doors are still propped up around the house as well, though most have been installed.)

I tried last week, without success, to capture the paint color of the kitchen cabinets (gray). Here’s another attempt.

The walls of the two back bedrooms have been painted taupe.

I don’t think I’ve previously focused on the attractive reuse of salvaged flooring in the back hall.

Drawers have been added to the built-ins in the master suite corridor and closet.

In the master bathroom, it appears that mirrored medicine cabinets (above twin sinks) are planned.

I’m speculating that this piece of furniture(seen from the back) will be repurposed as the vanity in the master bath.

351 N. Summit

The second-story floor is nearly complete, but rain from a previous storm still covers the foundation.

111 Magnolia Avenue

I didn’t get here, but I wasn’t expecting any dramatic changes, anyway.

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