Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 4-3-16

Not a lot to report this week, but there has been a variety of progress.

252 N. Bayview Street

After 5″ of rain on Friday, it was no surprise that this house was even more swathed with tarp yesterday—looking as if it were scheduled to be fumigated.

Inside, there were no drastic changes. I did venture down into the basement, albeit without flashlight. As I descended into the Stygian depths, I found the steps very soft. I assumed they were coated with insulation and other debris, and that was true, but they were also carpeted.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw that there were windows (open) high in the walls, providing enough light for me to navigate without hazard. I did use the flash on my camera to take a few photos (which I won’t bore you with) and also to ascertain that the basement is fully finished (unlike our unfinished cellar) and currently being used to store construction supplies.

351 N. Summit Street

Brick masons were at work yesterday on this handsome wall/fence. I had hoped to find the house deserted today, but workers were doing something inside, so I just took these photos and moved on.

111 Magnolia Avenue

Here, too, a wall/fence is under construction. It’s hard to tell in this telephoto shot, but the uprights are brick “fenceposts.”

160 Fels Avenue

Plumbing work continues, revealing that the house will have laundry rooms upstairs and down. This one is in an alcove in the walk-in closet of the master bedroom. The master suite has the de rigueur ginormous bathroom, with twin sinks, separate shower and whirlpool tub, and enclosed toilet room, but the closet (accessible only through the bathroom—in my opinion a less-than-optimal layout for several reasons) seems proportionately less generous than expected.

The upstairs laundry room is on the corridor leading to the two “back” bedrooms (one of which actually faces front). Tubs (which have plumbing for showers) have been installed in all three upstairs bathrooms; the one visible in this photo is in the bathroom adjacent to the northwest front bedroom.

I was mistaken about this door: not the front door but the side door, which opens on the west side of the house, accessing what used to be a driveway leading to a demolished outbuilding (the main driveway will presumably be on the east side of the house).

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